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Is This The End of Inara?

Hosting their last Iftar drive on 2nd July, Inara founders Varun Sharma and Saher Meeran shared their thoughts on the next chapter for the future.…

bike-sharing in abu dhabi
Cyacle: Launching Bike-Sharing in Abu Dhabi

As millennials, we’re no strangers to the threats to our environment. As millennials, we’re also highly aware of the importance of exercise. As a solution to both of these critical issues, two young Emirati entrepreneurs, Hani Akasha and Mohammed Bashkeel, came up with a brilliant idea: CYACLE, UAE’…

give a little
Can You Help Syrian Refugees? | Inara’s Give a Little

A few months ago, you may remember the uproar the internet was in, statuses pouring over European government’s neglect in tending to and opening doors to Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees -and like every other internet sensation, most of us forgot about the refugees in the span of a mon…

Can the Internet Help Us Become Better People?

They say with great power comes great responsibility [and by they, we mean Spidey’s uncle]. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. As humans, what greater power do we have, than technology; and what greater responsibility than humanity? Thinking back, I remembered these debates…

5 Cool Kickstarter Projects Dubai Residents Could Use

While we do live on on of the most high-tech and aspiring sustainable cities in the world [they want to power a majority of the Expo2020 site using solar power], we thought it would be interesting to look at Kickstarter projects that could revolutionise the way in which we work here – personal…