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This Amazing New App Adds Spontaneity to Everyday Life


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The humdrum of your daily life is about to be shattered. Book tickets to the Opera one day and go cliff-diving the next.

Titled Unloop, this new app designed by Noach Ben-Haim of the Royal College of Art, kicks your routine’s behind and adds a sprinkling of chaos to your routine urban life.

Due to be displayed at Global Grad Show 2016 from October 24 to 29 2016, Unloop will launch mid-November in London on the iOS app store, with the global launch set for early next year [including Android and web].

Unloop has a built-in Artificial Intelligence that learns about your lifestyle and preferences and then unapologetically puts you out of your comfort zone to discover new places, events and connections – curated specially for you.

It uses a proprietary algorithm to create a unique personality profile for each user and with each interaction, the recommendations get more accurate.

Most people live their life in a loop, living in big cities lacking spontaneity and excitement in their daily lives. They rarely leave their comfort zones, going to the same places, meeting the same people, and doing the same things.

We spoke to the creator, Noach Ben-Haim, to find out more about this revolutionary app:

1. How does it work?

You go about your normal day, and your Unloop AI might spontaneously send you a message saying something along the lines of “Are you busy Friday night? I have this cool place you should check out!”.

Then based on what you think of Unloop’s tailored recommendation, the event or place will be booked for you by the AI. You can also ask the AI to invite your friends or connect with someone else also using Unloop who might want to go.

Then, when Friday comes around, you’ll get a reminder for the Unloop event – you can go check it out, and the AI can help you get there (book you an Uber, directions, etc).”



2. What personal experiences brought about the idea for Unloop?

Living a rather hectic life in London, I came to realize that I spend more time being ‘busy’ than actually trying the amazing experiences that London has to offer.

I have lived here for nearly two decades, but have barely scratched the surface..

I looked online for things to do, but all I found were endless lists of places and things with no curation or tailoring to what I like or feel like doing. The more tailored services existing have exclusive or expensive memberships. Even the newer apps are not particularly ‘smart’ in the way they make suggestions.

So, I set out to make a tailored service that can get you trying new things, meeting new people, and going to new places.

3. Who is Unloop for?

Unloop is for those who are stuck in a rut. It’s for people who want to experience something new, and because of the way the AI is tailored to each person, it is more likely to be something they’ll enjoy.


In testing my own Unloop AI, which I have had  for just over a month now, I have discovered some of the best, hidden gems dotted around London. Places and streets that I’m fairly sure I would never have thought of going down, stumbling upon events in local establishments, and making some great new friends in the process.

4. What were the biggest roadblocks while creating this app?

Unloop is meant to feel conversational and personal, and making sure that it wasn’t a cold, automated response was a key challenge that took some time to solve.

A lot of intense learning from coding through to user experience design, and tweaking the way you would interact with your AI.

5. What are you expecting for your design at Global Grad Show 2016?

The Global Grad Show is a great platform to meet people from all over the world, as well as from different area that Unloop has exhibited previously.

There has been great public reception at previous shows in London, so I am looking forward to showing the world Unloop and its capabilities soon.

Drop by Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week 2016 to explore some other life-changing designs! Held between October 24 to 29 2016 at d3.

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