What began as a Millenial-focused digital magazine in the summer of 2014 has transformed with the shifting journalistic landscape of the UAE to an experimental platform for defining the Millenial experience.

Still true to our guiding principles of value, insight and conversation, we approach every story with an exploratory mindset. Against the complex cultural backdrop of the UAE, we’re here to examine what can stir our readers.

Here, you won’t just find stories of remarkable talent, hide-away eateries, novel art and entertainment; you’ll find a group of individuals probing and asking the difficult questions about our technological age, our cultural moment, our mixed identities, and most importantly, our responsibility to the world that comes next.

Starting in 2018, we’ll dive deep because we need to talk – without being censored.

Meet the B-Changers

Say hello to the diligent & driven [clearly, humble] storytellers behind B-Change:

Bhoomika Ghaghada
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Tarun Shyam


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