Take Time Out For You: Workshops at Lighthouse Arabia


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Take time out and enhance your quality of life with these wonderful workshops at Lighthouse Arabia on a day entitled ‘Discover Your Light’. From mending communication in relationships to exploring how we eat, here’s what you can expect:

When: 10am to 5pm, Saturday, January 28 2017,

How much: AED 75 for Adults (18 yrs+)

Where: Villa 1, Al Wasl Rd, Al Safa 2, Dubai

Pre-booking required. Once you register, you will have access to all the workshops. Register by calling: +971 (0)4 380 2088 or email

‘Discover the Light of Your Inner Child’

Gently reconnect with your inner child to become more aware of your true self. Facilitated by Karen Anne Hope Andrews.

1 hr. Suitable for adults 17+.

‘Healing Through Meditation’

Experience the balance and calming of emotional, mental, and physical blocks through a healing meditation of your energy centers. Facilitated by Madeeha Afridi.

1 hr. Suitable for adults 18+.

‘Eating Mindfully’

Round table discussion and activities for developing mindful relationships with eating, health and body issues. Facilitated by Reem Shaheen.

1.5 hrs. Adults 17+.

‘Gratitude in Everyday Life’

Awaken gratitude for health and happiness within yourself and in relationships with others. Facilitated by Dr. Tara Wyne.

1 hr. Suitable for adults 18+. Limited to 8 people.

‘Making Money – A beautiful side effect to a purpose driven life’

Exploring our relationships with money and whether it really does bring happiness. Facilitated by Farah Dahabi.

1 hr. Suitable for adults 18 +.

‘Helping You Help Your Relationships’

Tools for improving communication, connection and wellbeing in your relationships. Facilitated by Dr. Sheetal Kini.

1 hr. Suitable for adults 18+.

‘Cultivating Peace in Mind and Emotions with Mindfulness Meditation’

Mindfulness meditation and its effect on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Facilitated by Briar Jacques.

1 hr. Suitable for adults 16+.

‘Yoga for Emotional Balance – Active and Restorative’

In this one-hour yoga session explore the connections between your thoughts, your emotions and your how you hold and move your body. Learn how to help yourself best meet emotional and mental states like low mood and anxiety. Facilitated by Briar Jacques.

Suitable for adults 18+. Limited to 8 people.