Eat the World DXB 2016: What to Look Out for Next Year


Mariam Abu Bakr Food

The food truck movement has picked up all over the world and Dubai is no exception. The Eat the World DXB 2016 event on February 25-26, which brought 15 food trucks and exciting music from the UK, under the shade of the Burj Khalifa, was sold-out and highly popular amongst Dubai foodies.

Here, we have the highlights.

With so much on offer, we decided not to eat before the event – a wise decision made by the group. We did regret not carrying a blanket to take advantage of the venue, while many lounged Sunday picnic-style on the greens, passing food around.


While parking was a hassle [the Boulevard or at Dubai Mall], we weren’t too annoyed at the two-kilometer walk since we could use the calorie burn before the event. At AED 30 and AED 40, this food truck fest showcased a culture of great food for the masses in an unpretentious way.

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We all had a tough time choosing our firsts.

From shrimp burgers, chicken nachos, to halloumi fries and traditional biryani, the variety of deep flavours was delightfully confusing. Here are a few we tried [that you need to watch out for next year – hopefully]:

1. Halloumi Fries


The baked halloumi-stuffed fries, topped with za’atar, yoghurt, pomegranate molasses, mint and pomegranate seeds, taste as good as they look. Although in two bites, you’ll feel satiated, this is one for sharing.

2. Tonique’s Drinks


Tonique offers a range of refreshing cocktails and mojitos that you will probably need for the weather. Here’s how it’s done!

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3. Chicken Nachos


The chicken nachos from Vida was as mouth-watering as it seemed. It was one of the most in-demand meals at the event.

4. Shrimp Burgers


You should also definitely try Dixie Union’s shrimp burgers; they were delicious, different and juicy.

5. Ice-cream sandwiches


If you’re a fan of ice-cream sandwiches, go for it. However, despite the long cue, a scoop of ice cream placed between two cookies just wasn’t worth the AED 35.

We hope we haven’t left you salivating beyond repair, since you may have to wait until next year to indulge in these mostly-affordable culinary delights again [unless they decide to make it a regular event – fingers crossed].

Did you visit Eat the World DXB 2016? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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