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How Ogilvy’s Hephzibah Pathak Found Advertising | Dubai Lynx


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It allows for randomness with a purpose, it allows for friction, enjoyment and evaluation – all at the same time!

One of the cornerstones of Ogilvy India with 18 years worth of dedication, Hephzibah Pathak recently became the Global Brand Head and a member of the Ogilvy India Board.

She has numerous well-known campaigns under her belt [Coke, Dove and Cadbury], but one that will hit close to home for anyone who lived in India is the memorable Hutch to Vodafone migration campaign [Remember the cute little pug?].

At Dubai Lynx 2016, Pathak is one of the speakers set to amuse through her teasingly titled talk ‘Creativity Through Chaos’ on Monday, March 7.

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We caught up with her to get an insight into her life, love and work:

1. Tell us about your journey to the field of advertising – Did it find you or did you find it?

I drifted into advertising as a stop-gap; to spend time and earn experience to qualify for a visa to the US – the dream of most nineties children. I came, I saw and I stayed. Advertising found me and then, I found it to be my calling.

2. What’s the most exciting component of the creative process for you?

There is so much in advertising to enjoy – solving client problems, talking to people with different interests, selling ideas to clients, growing the client’s business. But what is most exciting is ‘jamming with creative and team’ to come up with interesting ideas.

It allows for randomness with a purpose, it allows for friction, enjoyment and evaluation – all at the same time!

3. Tell us about your funniest/wackiest/most fanciful/idle idea you’ve ever had.

What immediately comes to mind is one that I had for Cadbury and spreading happiness. Bring snow to Chennai. South of India is perennially hot and sometimes rainy – snow is something they only see in movies and enjoy vicariously.

I thought, why not surprise these folks and make the whole city squeal with joy?

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4. Tell us about how you overcome productive blocks.

It happens often enough. Not necessarily for creative ideas only. It could be a client problem or a team issue. My simplest method is to reach out to the unconnected. I am surrounded by many beautiful minds. I feel people who are at a distance from my issue often have the freshest perspective.

And if I want time away from people – I find my Hollywood collection never fails to give me the escape and inspiration I need.

5. How do you tell when an idea is good enough?

You just feel it – it’s a WOW that comes either because it touches your heart or stirs your mind. It’s instinctive. There’s no formula for me.

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6. For all those who are considering attending Lynx, tell us in 40 words or less why they shouldn’t miss your session.

Most sessions are about ‘Learning’, mine will be about ‘Un-learning’. The best ideas don’t come through a linear process. They are often found in the midst of unplanned randomness.

You have to be willing to ‘lose it’ before you can find it. Chaos and confusion – the fuel for new ideas.

We can’t wait to meet her in a week’s time. Do you have any questions for Hephzibah? Shoot them out in the comments below. 

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