QD’s Iftar Review 2017


Dhruti Ghaghada Food ,,,,,,,

Where: QD’s- Park Hyatt, Dubai

How Much: AED 160 (per person)

Recommended: ALL the live stations

Shisha is served after 9pm, and no alcohol is served throughout the month of Ramadan.

One of the many wonderful things about being in Dubai during Ramadan is being able to experience its lavish Iftar feasts. Spoilt for choice about which Iftar buffet to visit, we decided to head over to QD’s for their cozy Iftar tent.

Ambience and Service

We happened to get a table right near the creek and were able to admire the view [a stunning skyline] in our comfortably air-conditioned dome. Despite the huge number of people in the tent, the vibe remained calm and serene throughout.

The service was speedy and friendly. The servers were ever-present by the buffet to answer any questions about the food. The setting, much like the buffet was traditionally Arabic [as well as the hospitality].



As we charged our way to the food-marathon armed with our forks and knives, we started with the soups, salads, and breads. There was a massive spread of different kinds of fresh vegetables and dressings to create your own salad, and many pre-made salads like the beloved Lebanese Tabbouleh, and the classic potato salad- both of which were slightly dry. As for the other appetizers, the pull-apart garlic bread was seasoned perfectly and was soft enough to melt in your mouth.

The manakish however, was slightly stale. Much to our excitement, there was a live station for meat fatayer which was easily our favorite part of the appetizers section.



Already full from the appetizers, we sprinted into the main course, which lacked in the quantity, but made up for it in quality. The rice dishes like the saffron rice, chicken, and lamb biryanis are a must try. The meats like the shish tawouk and the lamb were cooked well and seasoned perfectly.

The pasta dish however, was less than satisfactory- the pasta was severely overcooked with made for a slimy texture, with an odd seasoning.

Drinks and Desserts


There was an unlimited flow of refreshing drinks, which was kind of a savior given how much we ate.

The dessert section of the buffet was overwhelming in quantity, especially given the fact that we were too full to move, but the sight of the mini cakes, the saj bread live station and fresh fruits made us push ourselves further. The saj bread live station was the highlight of the entire buffet [Nutella, strawberries and marshmallows wrapped in a thin bread- how could it not be?].

The rest of the dessert section has a selection of inventive little cakes that were spongy, light and delicious. The Kanafa turned out to be a disappointment as the crispy orange flakes had turned soggy and the cheese had turned rubbery by the time we got to it.

The lavish feast was brought to an end with a cup of green tea to soften the guilt and make us feel better about how much we had eaten.