UAE’s First Mindfulness Room at Greenfield Community

greenfield community school

Bhoomika Ghaghada HEALTH ,,,,,

Greenfield Community School (GCS), a Taaleem school in Green Community DIP, launched the region’s first Mindfulness and Well-Being Room earlier this year. 

Designed and developed by Rola Ghadban – Mindfulness and Well-being Coordinator at GCS, GCS’s Mindfulness Room is more than just a relaxing environment for students to escape to; it also contains smart tablets with guided meditation routines, a Gratitude Tree for students to display what they are thankful for, a sensory room with a range of stimuli to engage the senses, and a positive affirmation wall.  

Rola Ghadban, the Mastermind behind the project said,

Practicing mindfulness has profound impacts on children’s health and overall well-being. In my classrooms, I have seen how a daily mindfulness practice can help our students’ mental clarity, emotional intelligence, focus, and overall happiness. My goal is to transcend the power of this life skill into an innovative space, accessible to all.

Andy Wood, Principal, GCS, said, “This room is an expression of a sense of balance and the need for perspective and calm in a busy world. We also plan to launch our second Mindfulness room later this month at the Secondary School premises. It isn’t enough that our students be knowledgeable, we also want them to be well-rounded and happy individuals.”  

 Definitely a trailblazer to follow.