Try Aquaspin & Beach Yoga at Fairmont Palm Jumeirah

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One of the most innovative ways to stick to a fitness routine long-term is to mix it up: Running on a treadmill six days a week can quickly get dull.

For Dubai residents, there are some fun new options to consider at the Fairmont Palm Jumeirah, where this summer is dedicated to a comprehensive wellbeing program.

Here’s the dish:

  1. Aquaspin™ (bikes submerged under water) is easy on your joints and gets your blood pumping under a serene outdoor setting. Don’t be fooled: The high intensity workouts are harder underwater. We imagine it’s why the Little Mermaid looks like she does.
  2. Outdoor boot camps along the resort’s beach with unrivaled views of the Dubai Marina skyline will whip you into shape with sweat and smiles.
    fairmont palm jumeirah
  3. If you’re one for circuits, PAVIGYM is the way to go. An interactive LED flooring system allows you to build an individual circuit training style workout. We can’t wait to try this out!
    fairmont palm jumeirah
  4. For a complete transformation, where you’re working both mind and body, join the new resident yoga guru Melanie Swan at their full moon yoga sessions in the morning and evenings. A new program called ‘State of One’ combines physical exercise, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques.

The next session is set for Saturday, June 10, Saturday, July 8 and Saturday, August 5. Priced at just AED 75 per person.

Fairmont’s strategic partnerships with fitness and lifestyle brands, namely ‘Fairmont Fit,’ provides guests with Reebok active wear in their rooms, personalized workouts and mapped runs within the local area.

If you’re a member with GuavaPass, Classport and Privilee, these are all accessible as part of their partnerships.

For more information about the Fairmont Palm Jumeirah fitness programs, call +971 4 457 3330 or email at