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A Gory, Horror Adult Coloring Book For Your Demented Soul

Beauty of horror

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A GOREgous adult coloring book is all set for release this Halloween. An actual alternative to exhausting trick-o-treat parade?

As a first of its kind, this horror-filled adult coloring book, crafted by comic-illustrator Alan Robert in association with IDW Publishing, titled The Beauty of Horror, promises extensive chilling intricacies and gory detail.

Here’s a glimpse:

As a proud member of the horror community, I took it upon myself to stand up for the rights of monster-lovers everywhere. Why should we be excluded from the coloring phenomenon?! Needless to say, my take on the whole thing is completely warped, but I know I’m not alone… there’s a lot of us horror-fiends out there looking to color in some morbid stuff
says Alan Robert on

Comprising 80 pages, The Beauty of Horror, made up of detailed colourless illustration per page, follows the trail of a little girl who’s lost in the woods…on her journey she meets with the dead, dines with zombies and sleeps beside monsters.

In this mystifying color ride, the dark side awaits you with bated breath. After all, you get to bring them back to life, with the aid of your coloring set.

Be prepared to be greeted by sketches of all sorts of creatures of the night, serial killers, cemeteries and a whole lot of blood.

Caution: Once you complete a page or two, you may get sucked into the most enjoyable nightmare ever – to a point of no return. Needless to mention, this one’s not for the faint hearted.

The Beauty of Horror by Alan Robert is set to be released on the October 4.

You can pre- order via Amazon here.

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