How To Stay Safe During Pre-Iftar Rush Hour in UAE

pre-iftar rush hour

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Road traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities peak in the holy month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan specific lifestyle has physical effects on our body – especially when coinciding with the hot summer season like this year.


RoadSafetyUAE gives us the following tips and tricks:

1. Be aware of your own limitations.

B-Change suggests you avoid driving if you don’t feel up to it psychologically – opt for public transport.

2. Watch out for other traffic participants potentially under the same limitations.

Especially pedestrians and cyclists!

3. Expect the unexpected – we all MUST drive defensively!

Give way, be patient and remember that you’re not the only one trying to get back to family.

4. Plan your schedule properly and leave early to avoid the need of rushing and speeding.

If you can avoid the roads during sundown, nothing like it.

5. Always wear your seat belt.

This is a given.

Fasting can result in dehydration and low blood sugar, which in turn can limit our attentiveness, concentration, vision and reaction. Psychologically, the unusual eating and sleeping patterns can cause fatigue, exhaustion, impatience and distraction.

All traffic participants (motorists, pedestrians, motorcycle riders, bicyclists, etc.) must be extra careful in the Pre-Iftar rush hour.

Thomas Edelmann, founder of RoadSafetyUAE says

Motorists must realize, that even if they arrive late for a Ramadan event, people will understand. Time management is vital and motorists are urged to leave early enough and to allow for a buffer time to reach their destination on time.

Additional tips:
1. Practice deep breathing and mindfulness when on the road. Don’t let your needs drive you.

2. Look out for people who seem in a rush and give them way – obstructing their path is more dangerous.

3. Opt for food options that keep you hydrated throughout the day.

What do you think will help manoeuvre the pre-iftar traffic on UAE roads? Give us your recommendations in the comments below.

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