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Meet These 3 Quirky Regional Instagram Artists in Dubai

Instagram Artists in Dubai

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Back in the 40s and 50s, when an artist longed for commercial and wide recognition, the go-to avenues would be newspaper illustrations, record covers, packaging and posters.

In the age of Instagram, casual artists are able to disseminate their work, get feedback, gain followers and even do business online. This new generation of artists can capture styles in well-crafted logos and are adept at marketing their own brand of art.

We caught up with some of them at an event at Dubai Design District [d3] to see their perceptions affect their work:

1. Maryam Alzaabi

Popularly known on instagram as @fixthesky, she works as a full-time architect and pursues art on the side. Her art invokes a sense of teenage angst that is relatable for most millennials.

WIP // 5%

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2. Dina Tawil

Hailing from Lebanon, Dina Tawil creates quirky, humorous illustrations that a typical designer can relate to, taking a page from her everyday life. You can find her on instagram as @tinadawil.

Guess what I've been watching?

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3. Leilani Coughlan

Leilani’s illustrations will take you down memory lane, reminding you of the Saturday morning cartoons you watched as a kid. She uses bright and playful colours, googly-eyed comic characters and beautiful contrasts. You can check her work out @instaleilani.

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Do you know of more talented Instagram artists in Dubai? Tell us in the comments below.