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Videos: These 5 Designs Can Make Your Life Easier


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Imagine having a scrapbook of smells, being able to feel touch in the digital world, shoes customised to your feet, or a personalised closet with endless options in VR.

They’re all coming.

Design is much more than simple aesthetic. It can transform the way you live and eliminate problems you encounter in your daily routine. It can help you step directly 20 years into the future. It can enhance good experiences and minimise uncomfortable ones.

At the pinnacle of innovation, students from 50 leading universities in 30 countries will display their life-altering function-oriented designs at the Global Grad Show 2016, part of Dubai Design Week at d3, from October 24 to 29.

Trust us, whether you’re a designer or not, you don’t want to miss witnessing prototypes of these revolutionary 145 pieces. It will make you wonder:

Why didn’t someone think of this before I was born?

Out of the many mind-blowing drafts, here are a few designs in the making:

1. But first, coffee.. with a good grip

A simple change in design can mean you save your favourite outfit from stains, or your skiing from burning.

Design by Fabyan Blomme (Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, Canada), MountainRim reduces the chance of spillage while out and about with a 3D cup sleeve:


2. Get your pizza delivered.. with zero emission 

Green is the way forward. Escargo, a bike that moves in crowded urban streets with ease, has zero emission, and can carry small freight cargo. Scaled up, this can mean less dependance on fossil fuel and minimised need for bigger infrastructure.

Designed by Oscar Fehlberg (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia), this is delivery with a difference!



3. Use a cube as a kitchen, storage and dining area at once 

No more eating over the sink. This minimised solution becomes handy when rents are high and you’ve got 2 people living in a studio apartment.

Aptly titled ‘Cubic Dream’ is designed by Matt Tam ( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia) integrates these processes into an efficient area and leaves swathes of space for movement.

4. Save on bills while enjoying incomparable tea

This one is a genius – simple and effective.

Use the MIITO kettle to heat the exact amount of water in whatever vessel you like to the exact temperature you want, and save water and electricity.

Thanks to designer Jasmina Grase (Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands), you can now brew your delicate teas to their full potential.

5. Have an impromptu romantic picnic – anywhere

Imagine a wholesome picnic bag that can transform any scene into a romantic meal location.

Made for travel and adventure, and made of leather, steel and rattan, Aventure Romantique, designed by Alexis Tourron ( ECAL, Switzerland) has many accessories to keep your partner on their feet.

See all these designs in person and more at the Global Grad Show 2016 at Dubai Design Week & don’t miss:

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