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Beyond self-centered travel goals, following causes on social media, and chasing professional success, a thousand students gathered in Warsaw, Poland from August 14 to 23 2016, to create the future, including AIESEC UAE.

AIESEC’s 68 Annual International Congress set the meeting place for delegates from a whooping 126 countries.

The attending delegations (AIESECers) are formed of leadership bodies from AIESEC entities globally. Want to get to know the world? This is the place to do it.

AIESEC UAE’s many conferences and events give you networking experience, bust your shell and give you the opportunity to really get to know the answers to every tired question at interviews: What is your biggest strength? What do you consider your weakness? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being a member involves international travel, getting intimate with the plight of disadvantaged populations around the world, helping and empowering them by lending your time and skills, learning new skills and facts about yourself, and making life-long friends and memories.

International Congress was when I realized what leadership development is really all about. The environment, the kind of activities & sessions and the hosts & facilitators inspired so much authenticity and created such a unique space for self-reflection & development that I can’t describe in words.

says Sevinj Humbatova, The National Director of Talent Management of AIESEC in The UAE & an IC delegate.

For example, through the 10-day Poland conference this August, AIESECers (members of AIESEC) were subject to sessions, keynotes, self-development, networking, cultural showcases, leadership spaces and the Global YouthSpeak Forum.

As part of AIESEC UAE, you will also:


Learn from industry leaders

You have to change to stay relevant. AIESEC works towards staying current with big-picture movements.

At the international congress, the AIESEC International team delivered sessions with keynotes from global partners such as Apple, PWC, Electrolux, Nokia, ADB bank, DHL & Husqvarna and many more.

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Get really, really good at cross-culture networking

Networking around the world is vastly different and you’ll get to know that at these frequent international conferences.

With attendees from diverse countries, there are as many opinions as there are heads – this opens up space for cross-cultural dialogues and networking at a large degree – all working towards a common goal: AIESEC 2020.

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Shape what the world will look in 5 years

AIESEC2020 is AIESEC’s 5-year mid-term ambition to shape solutions to world needs, grow disruptively, and become accessible & impactful to every young person in the world.

During the recent congress, Global Youth Forum, a 2-day event, hosted by Jay Shetty, was launched with a message from the UN Envoy of Youth.

Aligned with the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), following the organization’s partnership with the UN, delegates participated in joint sessions to discuss and map out strategies to move forward.

Every region’s leader was assigned action spaces, to brainstorm impactful projects to meet the SDGs. The GCC sub-region came out on top of all the global projects (against Americas, Europe & Asia Pacific) with its proposed women empowerment project “All 4 She”.

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Explore bits of yourself you didn’t know were there

The sessions and discussions at the congress ranged from self-exploration and development (LEAD), coaching and leadership training to specific sessions that allowed every participant to perform their role better, break through with exchange programs,  and create more opportunities for the youth in home countries.

AIESEC UAE had a representation of four of its national team members who were keen to make the most of the conference and to position UAE on the global AIESEC network.

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So, if you are uncertain what your plans for winter are, sign up to AIESEC’s opportunity portal to figure out how you could volunteer/intern abroad and come back as an integrated member to the organisation here. Guide to apply here.

AIESEC is a global youth-led organization striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Together with partner organizations, AIESEC facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships. AIESEC is present in 126 countries and territories around the world.

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