More Than 10,000 Lives Improved By a Single Group


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If you add every minute of your life, how many of them would you call selfless?

Members of Inara UAE, a NPO group founded in 2014 in Dubai can chalk up roughly two years of their lives to charitable causes: iftar drives, visits to old age homes, and even financing the education of girls among other causes.

Now, after two successful years of improving lives in the UAE, they’re moving on to new projects.

Co-Founder Varun Sharma commented:

It was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made. We’re all moving forward with our lives, and while the group is calling it, as individuals, we will continue to create positive change in our communities.

Run by University students, the group came face to face with inevitable issues like members moving to other countries for job-hunting, and some moving on to higher education.

However, they had a fantastic run while they were at it. Here’s an info graphic that summarises their efforts – with over 10,000 lives positively impacted, not counting volunteers:

Heart-warming, isn't it?
Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Here are some of our favourite moments from Inara UAE events in pictures:





We hope, while the soil is fertile, many more groups sprout up in its place to propel a feeling of community in an otherwise diverse country.

Feel the impact of the group through the thoughts of their members and those they reached in this video.

Give back! Grab a friend and take advantage of the many opportunities for volunteering in the UAE.