5 Volunteering Opportunities in Dubai

5 Opportunities To Be There For Someone: Volunteering In Dubai

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We all like to receive; gifts, party favors, dinner/spa vouchers, but there are few who love to give.

It’s not quite as shocking when someone asks you to donate your clothes or your money. If you’re well off, those seem like reasonable requests, but time? Giving someone your time and attention trumps all that, because you’re putting someone else’s needs before your own.

This article is for those aspiring to be better. For all those who are looking to give back to society, a guide to places in Dubai that accept volunteers from all nationalities and backgrounds to do a bit of emotional good [for you and for them].

Without much further ado, here are 5 opportunities for volunteering in Dubai:

1. Senses Residential Care for Special Needs

5 Opportunities To Be There For Someone: Volunteering In Dubai
If you’re affable, patient and love spending time with children, Senses Residential Care for Special Needs is a good volunteering option. They’re always on the look out for people who can come in, interact, motivate and guide these differently gifted kids. Their timings are flexible, so you can go based on your own daily/weekly schedule.

Location: Jumeirah, Al Wasl Road
Call: 04 3948765

2. SNF Development Centre
5 Opportunities To Be There For Someone: Volunteering In Dubai

Located in Karama, this development centre helps autistic children learn everyday things for themselves. The centre welcomes students and working class volunteers.

If you don’t have enough time to volunteer, you can always contribute by participating at the SNF Fun Bazaar held every year in November.

Location: 222 Karama Centre
Call: +971 4 3349818/ +971 4 3376759

3. Posh Paws

 Laura Glanfield, founder, Poshpaws
Laura Glanfield, founder, Posh Paws

Posh Paws Animal Sanctuary is paradise for animal lovers. How do you volunteer? Take a day and play with these furry creatures from 9am-6pm. You’re even allowed to bring in your own pets.

Location: Poshpaws luxurious cattery has newly opened in Al Khawaneej, Dubai. The cattery is located in a beautiful courtyard inside The Desert Equestrian Club near to the Municipality Vet Clinic, 8 minutes from Dubai Intl Airport.

The kennels are located on the Sharjah/Ajman Border which is 30 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport. 2 mins away from Emirates Road (E311).

Call: 050 2730973

4. Feline Friends

5 Opportunities To Be There For Someone: Volunteering In Dubai

Want to adopt a cat, foster or take care of one for the day? You can do all that and more with Feline Friends. Their regular book sales raises funds for them to sustain the shelter, so pick up a book or two while you’re at it.

Call: 050-4510058 or e-mail newvolunteers@felinefriendsdubai.com

5. Dubai Volunteering Centre at Community Development Authority

Want to make volunteering a part of your regular schedule? Want to volunteer for local hospitals, old age homes and other local authorities?

Register at: http://www.cda.gov.ae/en/volunteering/Pages/default.aspx

Now that the door to provide unlimited happiness is within reach, hesitation would be a sin. Share a bit of happiness today, and remember to give, all year round; time, love and hope, because these things have a way of making their way back to you.

Featured image courtesy of Eric James