Nooks & Corners: Barefoot Lounge Dubai | Ramadan Tent Review


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Photos by Shakeb Nezam

Where: Barefoot Ramadan Tent, near Barefoot Lounge Dubai at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa [Google Map here]

How Much: AED 189 per adult

Cuisine: International & Oriental

Recommended: Falafel, Lamb Ouzi, Chicken Biryani, and for desserts, their cheesecake, Umm Ali and Qatayef.

Designed to be filling, luscious and distinct, the Iftar buffet at Barefoot Ramadan Tent is easily one to put on your economical Ramadan ‘Must-Eats’ list. They’ve found the right combination of ambience and cuisine to have you clutching your stomach in sweet, sweet satiation.



An elaborate spread awaits 5 buffet sections; starting with the juice station, bread and cheese, the salad bar, the main course section and the delicious dessert station.

To whet your appetite, begin with sweet beverages at the juice station: Jallab, Laban, a sweet Tamarind drink and a fruit cocktail.

My absolute favorite was the Baked Lamb Ouzi [best I’ve tried so far]! Even the aroma was scintillating with the meat cooked and seasoned to perfection.

A mix of various Arabic and Oriental dishes like Chicken Briyani, Seafood Pilaf, Kibbeh bel Laban, zucchini stuffed with minced beef, mixed grill, shawerma, potato stew were also highlights of the evening.


The dessert section had us forget how much we’d eaten previously and we devoured the the Umm Ali, theCheesecake, Praline Cremenux, Kunafa, dates, Chocolate mousse, Kishta bil Asal, and Katayef [and that was only half of dessert].

Ambience and service:

With an all white interior, glass overlooking a spectacular view, all-white furniture and golden chandeliers, Barefoot Ramadan Tent sets the mood for an elegant, cozy and upscale dining experience.

With service staff on their toes and smiling, the environment was welcoming and warm. Shout out to our wonderful attendant, Lira!


If you’re a fan of Oriental cuisine, or you haven’t yet dipped your tongue in that pool, the Barefoot Ramadan Tent will spoil you for good, with delectable dishes and friendly service to lighten up your Ramadan evening.

B-Change Rating: 8.8/10

If that tempted you enough, take note:

  • Due to high demand and positive response, the Ramadan tent will be open until end of August.
  • The tent will cater to all and will certainly keep you entertained with their LCD screens, food, drinks, and of course, shisha.
  • For the ones that don’t fancy a big buffet, the tent also has an A La Carte menu which consists of various International and Oriental dishes.
  • The tent is open during Suhoor, with a set menu priced at only AED 120 per person.
  • They highly recommend to make reservations beforehand, as it gets busy, especially during weekends.
  • For more information, contact Barefoot Ramadan Tent: +971 04 34 61 111