Guns N’Roses in Dubai: True Hard Rock

Guns N'Roses in Dubai

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Guns N’Roses in Dubai was one of the highlights of the spring concert season in the UAE. Here’s our team review on the night.

Thousands thronged to the Autism Rocks arena in Dubai this past Friday night as hard rock legends Guns N’ Roses performed a two and half hour set to the delight of those who made it* to the concert.

*In the lead, I write the words, “to the delight of those who made it to the concert,” simply because I want to accentuate how hard it was for everyone across the board to get to the concert. GnR frontman Axl Rose himself  was afraid at one point that he wasn’t make it as the band’s car got stuck in the sand trying to take a short cut to avoid the traffic, like everyone else.

And just like Axl himself, the B-Change team spent over two hours stationary on the E66 (Al Ain Road). One of the local residents at The Villa which is a prime residential complex on the E66 who was in the traffic near our car rolled his windows down to tell us how he was simply trying to go home and was dazzled at how difficult it was for concert goers. Sure enough, we didn’t make it in time for the first song. We ended up parking at the Al Ain bus depot and walking over 10 km to the concert.

Maybe, the public is partly to blame as well, as people could have simply just left earlier. When we cover Bryan Adams at the same venue later this week, we will tell you how it goes.

Apart from the quite literal traffic digressions, the concert was one of the best in the UAE in terms of productions. Props to 117live. Slash’s lead guitar resonated and was amplified with the right sound to everyone in and outside the venue.

Axl Rose was in great form with the band hitting all the right notes. You could just feel the sense of euphoria in the air as most of the audience were crossing moments of their bucket lists.

Guns N'Roses in Dubai
The highlight of the night, personally, would have to be Slash’s 12 minute solo that included him freestyle riffing and then transitioning into the evergreen Godfather Theme. And there’s more. From the Godfather theme he goes into the opening riff of Sweet Child O’Mine and all hell breaks loose with a millions phones being whipped out into the air. B-Change got the moment on camera. Check it out below!