Giving Back: 5 Ramadan Volunteering Opportunities In Dubai


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Featured Image via Adopt-A-Camp’s Facebook Page

The spirit of altruism during the holy month of  Ramadan has never been restricted to just one faith. It’s a virtue that’s present universally, irrespective of faith, race or creed.

The people of the UAE have long been known as a generous and magnanimous kind. The residents here are those waiting to give back without hesitation. B-Change brings you some of the folks making UAE a better place to live in, one initiative at a time, all in their own unique way.

If you’re looking for Ramadan volunteering opportunities in Dubai, check these organisations out:

1. Adopt-A-Camp

Image Courtesy- Adopt A Camp Facebook page
Image Courtesy- Adopt A Camp’s Facebook Page

This beautiful group started 10 years ago, after the founder, Saher, had a chance interaction with a labourer in a supermarket who was struggling to pay for his lunch.

Fast forward to the present: they currently have over 57,400 men and their families adopted, taking care of them like family. From education, hygiene awareness, scholarship programs and even micro-financing loans, Adopt-A-Camp have arranged a 360 degree set-up.

They’ve had 8 years of successful Free English Classes, 6 years of offering IELTS Scholarships, 10 years of feeding abandoned camps and their families back home, sponsoring their children through school and 10 years of organizing events such as cricket matches, movie nights, boat excursions; things that these hard-working men wouldn’t have had the chance to do otherwise.

This Ramadan, you can volunteer for Ramadan Care Packages’ 15 in partnership with the wonderful people at Dubai Municipality to surprise 2000 municipality cleaners with huge, substantial care packages. Each CP contains everything a guy needs for a fresh start in life: new mattress, pillow, bed linen, towel, 3 months of toiletries, one month of energy food items, etc.

For more info on how to do so, check out the Adopt-a-camp website.

2. Filling The Blues

Photo Courtesy-http://www.motiroti.me/fillingtheblues/
Image Courtesy-http://www.motiroti.me/fillingtheblues/

A brilliant initiative started by Tahir Shah, the owner of Moti Roti. Every year, during the holy month of Ramadan, Moti Roti and a bunch of other local start-up restaurants join hands to provide Iftar meals to laborers working the evening shift.

Each Iftar is sponsored by a different home-grown restaurant. Volunteers can support them by helping distribute packages. If you’re looking to volunteer or you’re a restaurant wanting to sponsor an Iftar, visit #fillingtheblues to know how. Don’t fret if the slots are full, there’s always a way to help. Just contact Tahir through the website.

3. Inara

Photo Courtesy-https://www.facebook.com/weareinara?fref=ts
Image Courtesy- Inara’s Facebook Page

Inara, meaning ‘Ray of Light’ in arabic, started on July 14th,2014. It’s run by of group of 9 students with the simple purpose of making the world a better place through fundraising, volunteering and education.

They organize events like Iftar drives, Art & Soul and For a Smile that have bought precious smiles on the faces of countless underprivileged children. And they’re just a year old !

If you’re interested in joining them, check out http://www.weareinara.org/ or you can contact Varun Sharma – Inara’s President and PR head.

3. Dubai Cares – We can teach each other campaign

Dubai cares
Image Courtesy- Dubai Cares’ Facebook Page

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, founded Dubai Cares with the belief that education was the key tool to a better tomorrow. This Ramadan, you can share that belief by contributing to the “We Can Teach Each Other”, which aims to promote a first-of-a-kind skill exchange between children in impoverished communities and school-going children from around the world.

The “We Can Teach Each Other” Ramadan campaign effectively places focus on the skills and talents of children in developing nations, and raises awareness among the international community here in the UAE to towards their responsibility to help educate them, so they have a brighter future. For more information on how you can contribute, check out We can Teach Each Other website.

5. Volunteer in UAE: Karama Kanteen

Image Courtesy- https://www.facebook.com/volunteerinuae?fref=ts
Image Courtesy- Volunteer In UAE’s Facebook Page

Founded back in 2008 by the amazing Lola Lopez, Volunteer in UAE is now almost a household name among active residents of the UAE. They’re active throughout the year with various activities and events, but during the holy month of Ramadan,  Karama Kanteen seems to be the highlight of their charitable endeavours.

They established the operation of preparing, cooking and distributing food to labourers living in the Karama area in October 2008. In the first 6 months of operation, over 45,000 meals were provided to not just the blue collar work force of Dubai, but to anyone simply craving a hot meal. To date, over half a million meals have been served. They’re now supported by several volunteers, including City Chef.

If you’re interested in making a difference by being a part of this dynamic group, register here.