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give a little

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A few months ago, you may remember the uproar the internet was in, statuses pouring over European government’s neglect in tending to and opening doors to Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees -and like every other internet sensation, most of us forgot about the refugees in the span of a month.

Well, some didn’t.

Inara, a youth-run NPO based in Dubai, in collaboration with ‘For Syria’, is bringing concern back into fashion with Inara’s Give a Little campaign. Aimed at helping Syrian refugees find relief from the harsh winter and rain, this donation campaign is spread out over a large area in Dubai – highly convenient.


With all the hard and leg work done by Inara volunteers, including collection from designated areas and coordination with interested contributors, all you have to do is rummage through your closets and find any of the following:

Winter clothes, heavy duty shoes, blankets, raincoats and sleeping bags.

You can also contribute: baby milk powder, women’s towels, baby diapers, & canned food items.

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Where and When?

The last date for donations is March 14 2016.

The poster below gives you all the information you need about the ‘where’. All you have to do is contact a volunteer near you:

give a little

Why not?

Let’s move beyond social media concern and act to support the cause. For more information, email weareinara@gmail.com or call +971502824613.

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