Deliveroo Pizza at AED 1 Campaign A Half-Baked Success

deliveroo pizza

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Earlier this week, Dubai residents woke up to a fantastic Deliveroo Pizza Fest where 1,000 pizzas would be given away at AED 1 between 11am and 2pm on Thursday.

The campaign was designed to work on a first-come-first-serve basis, with participation from leading pizzerias in the city like 800 Pizza, NKD Pizza, Rosso Vivo, Freedom Pizza and Pinza.

What started out as a great marketing strategy soon turned sour. In Dubai, where foodies are more common than grains of sand, it should come as no surprise that this offer induced a frenzy.

Mid-way Thursday morning, social media was ablaze with tweets, Whastapp forwards and Facebook updates – some all praises for Deliveroo, and many with complaints about restricted locations, faulty payment receipts, access issues with the app, website and more.

The unexpected part came, not from the users, but from the Deliveroo team’s official Twitter account using slang and laidback language to diffuse the tension, amusing and shocking users.

Addressing customers as ‘babe’, ‘bruh’ and elegantly apologizing via ‘soz’, take a look at some of these hilarious exchanges:



A user summed this up:

A pointy slip-up on Deliveroo worked in, its competitor, Zomato’s favor.

When a customer commented that she would rather use Zomato’s app, the Deliveroo social media account responded with a sarcastic

‘Good luck finding a 1 Dh pizza on there.’

The Zomato team then swooped in with a pizza delivery to said user with a handwritten note:

Guess they’re right: There’s not such thing as a free lunch or an AED 1 pizza [at least for some].

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