Is This The End of Inara?


Dyuthi Prakash Good

The tension was palpable at Inara’s last ever event on Saturday, the 2nd of July, in Bur Dubai.

A bag of mixed emotions, the founders Varun Sharma and Saher Meeran, while caught in the whirlwind of managing and planning the event, gave us a few minutes of their time to tell us what’s in store for Inara:

1. What inspired you to start Inara?

There was nothing well defined for social service in Dubai. Especially for the youth to participate in, so we decided to take the wheel. That was our opportunity to start something.

2. This it the last event Inara will ever host. How does it feel?

Excited. We’re trying to work out another chapter as well. We’re sad but excited about the future.

3. Can you describe one emotional moment that occurred during the course of Inara’s journey?

A few months ago, we got in touch with a boy who had leukemia. His parents couldn’t fund his surgeries and medical experiences. We collected enough money for his expenses through drives. He’s perfectly fine now and we’re still in touch with him.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this if not for Inara.

This year’s Iftar drive saw people from all walks of life, from school kids to senior citizens, help distribute care packages to 1500 labourers in Dubai. The purpose of this event was to give the volunteers a first-hand experience of how it feels to do something meaningful.

After an exciting three-year run, we’re looking forward to what Inara will surprise us with next.

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