Dubai Cares Launches Volunteer Globally 2016 in Senegal


Dhruti Ghaghada Volunteering

Dubai Cares has officially launched the 2016 edition of Volunteer Globally – one of the main pillars of its local outreach activities – with a school-building mission in Senegal.

The Dubai Cares-led schools are helping underprivileged children break through social, economic and political boundaries bestowed upon them from an early age.

The organisation’s renowned initiative, which takes UAE residents to disadvantaged areas around the world, will travel to Africa to support the local community in constructing a new school in the Fatik District of Senegal. Once complete, the school is set to directly benefit 150 children.

Although Senegal has a diversified economy by West African standards, it barely escapes being classified by the World Bank as one of the poorest of the world’s nations. Dubai Cares aims to engage the UAE community with the local culture and bring positive change to a vulnerable and disadvantaged nation.

Volunteer Globally, first launched in 2009, and has been successful in collaborating with destitute societies with a desire to evoke change and provide education to thousands of children. For this year, Dubai Cares is seeking candidates of 21 years of age and above, with a passion and enthusiasm for social work and the ability to undertake physical construction work.

Volunteer Globally 2016

Here’s how it works

1. Dubai Cares will shortlist 50 candidates on a first-come-first-served basis

2. This will be followed by a found of one-on-one interviews between July 23- 31st

3. Out of the 50, 15 candidates will be shortlisted [An additional 15 volunteers will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.]

 Before the trip to Senegal, which will be between October 30th and November 6th, the volunteer team will receive a comprehensive briefing ahead of the trip. This will cover the ground situation in Senegal, socio-economic background as well as an overview of the activities that will be undertaken as part of the school construction. As well as participating in worksite activities, such as digging, picking, mixing concrete and making bricks, volunteers will be able to immerse themselves into the local culture, meet families, learn local values and build positive perceptions for the local population.

The basic logistics and expenses of the trip including visa charges, travel, accommodation, food and beverage, travel supplies, vaccinations and safety equipment will be handled by Dubai Cares. Upon completion of the project, all volunteers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

 The initiative will be the subject of a documentary, which tracks the progress and efforts of those working tirelessly to change the lives of the local communities. The mission in Senegal follows a successful edition in Nepal in 2014, whereby the Volunteer Globally team helped build a school in the village of Barkamuda.

 Sign up today

 If you believe you have the skills, passion and desire to be part of this year’s success story, and help hundreds of children get a brighter future, you can register before July 17, 2016 by clicking this link: http://goo.gl/forms/d6HnBGYxsb9v5yUS2

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