5 Cool Kickstarter Projects Dubai Residents Could Use


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While we do live on on of the most high-tech and aspiring sustainable cities in the world [they want to power a majority of the Expo2020 site using solar power], we thought it would be interesting to look at Kickstarter projects that could revolutionise the way in which we work here – personally and on a community level.

Here are 5 interesting Kickstarter projects Dubai could use:

1. The UsBidi Phone Charging Cables:

Since we’re always on the run, these are handy. These charging cables can increase your mobile charging speed by two times. The charger also disconnects itself automatically with the “auto-unplug” feature to avoid battery spoilage and heating due to over charging.

Find the idea here.

2. Takeout Grow Kits:

We know how much trouble residents go through to keep plants green and lush through Dubai’s summer heat. Now, imagine you’re able to grow your own veggies indoors! This kickstarted project is a take-out container transformed into a mini greenhouse kit that lets you grow your own food, any time of year, in any setting. Currently, there are 8 varieties to pick from: cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic chives, cucumbers, dino kale, habanero peppers, nasturtiums and tom thumb peas.

All you have to do is, add water! The kit is designed to be leak-proof and is capable of self-watering [Yes.] A mini-farm in your air conditioned home – imagine that.

Find the idea here.

3. Hudway Glass:

We’re addicted to our smartphones, but do we realise what a terrible idea it is to use them while driving? Hudway Glass is a vehicle accessory that turns your phone’s screen into a Head-Up Display – on your windshield, so you don’t take your eyes off the road.

This is one we can really use in Dubai considering the number of accidents on the road.

Find the idea here.

4. Monkey:

Monkey is a keyless intercom to your house that allows you to open the door for people when you’re out with a timer. You can enjoy unattended deliveries and never have to worry about losing your keys again.

Find the idea here.

5. Zwinal:


With the art scene booming in Dubai, this is one we’d love to see happen. A platform where artists can have their designs printed on everyday products, giving them exposure and recognition while being paid, as well as getting people cool customised items like t-shirts, caps, and posters!

Find the idea here.


What did you think of the kickstarter projects above? Have you seen any others Dubai could use? Comment below.

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