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Bring Back The Lost Art Of Letter Writing With CloudScribe


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When was the last time you received a handwritten letter?

Research has shown that writing a to-do list, notes or creative writing by hand helps keep the mind sharp with age. The cognitive activity involved with writing by hand locks the brain into learning more actively and improves creative expression.

Science aside, isn’t there an old school charm about ink on a blank notebook page? In a world so digitally inclined, we can’t remember appointments until our phone/watch/laptop reminds us, why bring back the practice of writing by hand?

Why bring it back?

Much like individual fingerprints, we each have a unique and identifiable mark when we put pen to paper. It’s not Helvetica, Times New Roman or Georgia, it’s you. It’s not just a scribble, it’s a gesture in itself – a distinctive act of extra effort placed on expression, dripping with the individual tinge of the author.

When you get an ‘I love you’ online versus an ‘I love you’ on paper, it stirs emotions quite differently.

Clearly, these differences become more pronounced when we’re attempting to communicate our loudest emotions on paper.

That’s why we still study the letters of Abraham Lincoln, Van Gogh, and Jane Austen – because they give an insight into their heart, their relationships, and their personalities. They’re creative marks that are incomparable with contemporary e-mails [since they did it without the ready availability of a thesaurus].

Write a letter with Cloudscribe this NYE

What if you could bring back the lost art of letter writing and use digital means to bring it to life? Impress your thoughts on paper, and have it appear on your laptop, phone, or tablet exactly in that form? CloudScribe from Merlin Digital lets you write on plain paper and lets you upload those notes automatically to the paired device – and all you need to carry around is the pen.


Write a private love note and e-mail it to your spouse. Doodle a funny cat and whatsapp it to your best friend. The written word doesn’t have to perish just yet.

Learn more about Cloudscribe here.

So, how about, for this New Year’s Eve, you begin a tradition? Compose a genuine letter of love for your family and friends; a letter that looks back at 2015, its trials and tribulations, and looks forward to 2016, what you expect from the year to come.

A time capsule of sorts, written by hand, documented digitally.

It’s a hearty tradition you can pass down through your family. With all the letters in one neat little hard drive, you’ll be able to capture the essence of the past and when you read these memories on a futuristic device in 2050, you’ll be glad you inked it out [or your kids/grandkids will be].

Here’s a TEDx video about writing letters to strangers:

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Tell us in the comments below.

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