Workout Gear That Acts As Your Personal Trainer


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It’s easier to stay healthy today than it was a decade ago. There’s an app for everything –  monitoring daily physical activity, calorie intake, nutrition – and it proves more than satisfactory for beginners.

For the serious fitness enthusiast or athlete, sculpting the body to get lean, fast or heavy requires much more sophisticated tools for monitoring.

Now, there’s an app for that.

Displayed at Global Grad Show 2016, part of Dubai Design Week at d3, Axiom, created by four designers, Ella, Ellie, Jonah and Matthew, is a revolutionary new way to understand and improve your gym session.

Axiom workout gear linked to an app can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts understand how they are improving. It can tell you how to correct a specific movement and what effect that can have on your muscles after receiving tactile feedback from the suit.

You can think of Axiom as an invisible personal trainer that lives on your body.

We spoke to the creators of Axiom to understand how it can change your work out routine:

1. Why this invention?

Many people today suffer from physical discomfort rooted in poor posture due to their prolonged habits, lifestyle, and work environment. Incorrect forms during a workout can not only increase chances of injuries but contribute to solidifying their postures. 

We were interested in finding a unique way to guide users to develop the right habits, and attitude to get the best results. So, we are definitely excited about expanding upon the 3 tactile feedback, and exploring other unique languages.

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2. In what way does Axiom’s evaluation system help during and after a work out?

The performance evaluation can be divided into three steps.

First, during their workout session, the user receives haptic feedback in real-time when their form needs to be modified. It guides them through three types of tactile feedback: Directional, to guide their form towards the correct angle or position according to their biomechanics, beat, to limit any extensions, ripple, to remind them the target muscle group of the exercise that it’s currently tracking.

During their session, they can pull out their phone to quickly review their performance (e.g. the percentage of their form accuracy).

Afterward, they can also review the details of their postures and movements for each exercise.

3. How easy is this to fit into someone’s gym schedule?

Axiom can seamlessly be integrated into any athlete’s daily schedule. As long as the activators are charged and connected to the magnetic contact points on the garments, the system should be set to go.

We also think it could be interesting to see Axiom as part of a special experience that members in a fitness club can utilize as part of the gym membership. There are so many ways that we can go about it if it were to be further developed.

It has been designed for regular use:

The more they measure and track, the smarter the system will become to provide them more accurate feedback and suggestions.

4. What are you expecting for your design at Global Grad Show 2016?

We are looking forward to sharing our ideas and thoughts with innovators who are excited to discuss how wearable technology is shifting the way we interact with our body, community, and our surroundings.

Looking ahead, the Axiom creators share their hopes and ambitions:

We hope Axiom can open up questions to how health and fitness, wearable technology, AR, VR, AI are changing the way we interact and utilize technology to enhance our lives.

Do you think you’d use Axiom workout gear to enhance your routine? Tell us in the comments below.

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