Cyacle: Launching Bike-Sharing in Abu Dhabi

bike-sharing in abu dhabi

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As millennials, we’re no strangers to the threats to our environment. As millennials, we’re also highly aware of the importance of exercise.

As a solution to both of these critical issues, two young Emirati entrepreneurs, Hani Akasha and Mohammed Bashkeel, came up with a brilliant idea: CYACLE, UAE’s first public bike-sharing endeavor.

What is bike-sharing?

Using Bikeshare you can save time, petrol, money, and the environment simply through exercise. The concept involves utilizing environment-friendly bicycles for short distance transport instead of vehicles that consume fuel.

In Abu Dhabi, this initiative is being sponsored by ADCB, and is the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi.

How does it work?

It’s really simple, actually: just swipe your card, pick a bike, and peddle away!

Pricing options start from as low as AED 15 for a one-day pass. Different membership options are available.

Find out which one suits you best here.

Where can I bike?

Still peddling through its infant stages, the ADCB Bikeshare initiative has been implemented only in Abu Dhabi as of now, – in the Yas Island and Al Raha Beach locations.

Not in Abu Dhabi? Don’t worry, the rest of the UAE will be catching up soon, especially since ADCB has also decided to lend a hand in its promotion.

But why should I bike?

A creative transport initiative that allows you to spend calories instead of fuel, Bikeshare doesn’t really need any more reasons. Incredible health benefits, reduced expenditure on commute, huge environmental gains, and convenience are just some of its primary virtues.

With Bikeshare’s rising popularity in Abu Dhabi as well as the established popularity abroad, the question that you really need to ask yourself is: why not?

What do you think of this initiative? Worth the money and more? Discuss it with us in the comments below.

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