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Video: Pokemon’s Veronica Taylor Shares Her Journey

Veronica Taylor

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Anyone who was a child in the 90’s are in for a treat as Veronica Taylor, the veteran voice actor behind Pokémon’s main character Ash Ketchum, talks to us about her Pokemon journey and voicing Ash Ketchum.

In the interview you will hear how Taylor reveals that she had never met the actor who played Pikachu. Taylor also talks about the other characters she played in Pokemon.

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For eight seasons Veronica provided the English language dubbing for Ash in addition to the voice of April O’Neil in the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.


Veronica Taylor on how to audition right

Well, there’s no perfect way to do it, but any edge you may have on how to audition should be welcomed. So here we have, veteran actor, Veronica giving you some tips on auditioning and acting.

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