Silento in Dubai: A Quick Rap with the Star

Silento in Dubai

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The not-so-silent side of Silento. Read our full interview of Silento in Dubai, with DJ Roomstar below.

The artist from Atlanta, Georgia – Silento, whose name he chose to mean ‘less talk more action’ performed an open air small concert and meet at greet at Boxpark, Dubai on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

On the night he did some Whip Nae Nae moves with the crowd, signed some autographs, and sang a little bit of his song Young Love.

Little did he know of the storm of press (or did he?) that was about to come his way following reports of not being allowed to leave the country as featured in The National.

Prior to the storm hitting, our in-house prodigy, DJ Roomstar, interviewed Silento in Dubai. Here’s how it went down:

What is your latest release at the moment so far?

My latest release is Thinking About You.

In one week it got 58,673 views, that’a a lot…

Yes it is.  Without any radio push in the States.  Just radio push out here in Dubai, as I put it out, here in Dubai.

Wow, so rewinding the tape a little bit, in 2015 you signed a four album record deal with Capitol Records.  At the time was it a bidding war?  Who else wanted to sign you?

Yes, there was a bidding war.  Almost every record label out there and almost every manager was emailing me, “Silento we want the record. Who are you signing with?  But I chose Capitol. The email was,”I saw your record last week, then I saw it this week and its exploding.” So that was the particular email that I had.

The list of jaw dropping artists on Capitol is just incredible with tons of top artists, who are your favourite label mates?

My favorite label mates are Migos. Migos, Lil Yachty, Katy Perry, Tori Kelly, Mary J Blige, Ne-Yo. Capitol has so many great artists you just would never know.  But when I want to collaborate I like Migos, I’d like to collaborate with Migos (who is also from the place Silento is).

How does your music relate back to your home, Atlanta?

My music relates back to Atlanta because of the dancing.  Its a dancing city, known for the most popular music.

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If you had to choose, would it be records sold or time spent on top of the Billboard charts?

I prefer…sales. Record sales. That’s what its all about with Capitol Records.

But what about streams?  What do you think about the future of streaming.

Yes, my streaming went crazy.  ‘Watch Me Whip’ went crazy.  It was an internet sensation before it was a radio sensation.

How important are they, the streams?

Streams are very important.  It just tells and shows how many people are going online listening to your music;  searching for it, downloading it, buying it.

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You’re not kidding when you say you are ‘Rated E – for Everyone’ because like…

No cursing! Because you could just play my songs anywhere right? …

I heard you went to Amman, Jordan recently, that was a success.

Yes I did.

They hadn’t had a concert since like..

(Together) 2007!

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What’s your concept about visiting places like this?

To visit places where kids don’t get as much happiness [with concerts] and for me to have a song like Watch Me Whip that I know you all listen to almost every day and dance to it when people are at school. So, I’m your happiness! I had to come and see them and give some happiness.

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Would you ever consider starting your own label?

Silento Entertainment. I have artists as well.

Do you live here in Dubai now?

I would get a future residency here when I would solidify a deal at the radio station, you know like having my own radio talk show…

So listening to your track Thinking About You the production sounds a little bit more electronic, and I’ve heard you want to get a little bit more into the EDM side so explain your reasoning on that.

Well, my reasoning on that is just getting into the EDM world;  I just want to tap into Pop, Rhythmic Pop, RnB, Rock as well, I mean just different things.  Like, I just did ‘Watch Me’ in Spanish, Portuguese and in French.

Give us your insight into modern rappers and the hip-hop genre right now.  What do you think it is like?

I think life is what you make it and everybody makes a decision to make whatever type of music they want to make and I’m not here to judge anyone’s songs or anything like that.  I make happy music and I make music for the kids and that’s it.

Silento in Dubai
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