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For me it’s about the music and not so much about me. You could say I hide behind my music. That is why I may seem mysterious, but you have to understand that I want to make music with character, not be the character myself. And with my music I don’t just want to touch people and make them have a good time, but also want to surprise them and at times make them ask questions.

DJ Claptone plays at DXBeach on Friday, November 18 at Zero Gravity alongside Nicky Romero, Felix Jaehn, Kungs, Lovely Laura, Ben Santiago & Afishal.

Shrouded in mystery, the German house DJ Captone describes himself as a “sonic being driven by an insatiable musical desire.”

He is best known for delivering highly-emotive, spellbinding sets – including hypnotic tracks such as ‘No Eyes’ (featuring Jaw), ‘Wrong’ and ‘Heartbeat’ – at the likes of SW4, Melt and Ultra Music Festival.

We caught up with DJ Claptone before his DXBeach gig to talk about the enigmatic mask, the man behind it and the music around it:

1. Can you tell us a bit about the man behind the mask?

There is no man behind the mask, there is no Claptone without a golden Venetian mask. I am sorry to disappoint you.

2. What inspires your image?

In one word: Culture. I love different cultures, this world has so many different and in itself conclusive rituals, opinions, views, fetishes and beliefs. I find that very fascinating. It in fact inspires all the images in my head. Open your mind and try for yourself.

3. Just for the fun of it, can you name some artists with masks that you like? 

KISS, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Banksy, Rusty the Clown.

4. What do you see as the next big movement in the music industry?

A lot of people are asking me this question. I know I have some supernatural powers but I cannot predict the future I’m afraid.

I am not one for big movements. I admire the constant, but subtle changes in music; new ideas get introduced every day with thousands of releases from artists around the world.

All this creativity is so inspiring. It is the true beauty about music, not the next hype.

5. Any advice for young producers starting out?

If you your heart is not in it, look for an alternative profession. If you want to become a DJ to make a lot of money – think twice.

6. Any pre-show rituals?

I just need one look in the mirror.

7. What can the audience at DXBeach expect from your set?

If they come open minded, I’ll take them on a trip, make them happy and leave them with beautiful memories.

8. Do you have any message for EDM listeners in Dubai?

Start reading from the top. See you at DXB.

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