DJ Sem Thomasson on Climbing the EDM Ladder


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B-Change catches up with Tomorrowland regular, songwriter & DJ Sem Thomasson, before his gig at Sensation Dubai 2016 on November 11 2016.

The Belgian artist found fame with his remixes for Flo Rida, Nelly Furtado and Steve Aoki with smooth tracks like ‘Sweet Spot’. Since 2014, he’s been writing and producing collabs with various artists, including fellow Belgian DJs Regi, Yves-V.

Earlier this year, he signed a worldwide deal with Warner Music Group to focus on releasing music under his own name. Well on his way to stardom, he’s one to watch [Some call him the next Hardwell].

We spoke to Sem Thomasson to ask him what making great music’s like and his current favourite tracks:

1. What’s it like to be climbing atop the EDM ladder?

It’s very nice to get recognition for your work and be able to play in the best clubs and best festivals in the world after many years of hard work.

It’s something that was a dream for me when I was still a kid – it turned into ambition and goals through the years. To be part of this massive EDM scene now is very challenging, but also a dream come true.

Check him out at Tomorrowland 2016:

2. Give us a feel of your Sensation 2016 setlist.

Well, to be honest, I never really prepare a setlist in advance, so in some way it is still going to be surprise for myself as well.

I got the opportunity to produce the official anthem for Sensation Dubai 2016 together with Yax.x, so we will definitely drop that one and I think I will play out some other tracks of mine like ‘On Top Of The World’ with Yves V which is currently buzzing on Spinnin Records.

3. What are your goals as an artist in the EDM scene?

The industry is changing in a very interesting way. If, in a couple of years, I can look back and say, ‘Hey I was part of that period when electronic music was exploding and I helped developing and changing it in some way’, that would be amazing.

But for now, I just want to play as many cool gigs I can, explore the world and all its different cultures and make a lot of new music.

4. Tell us who your favourite DJs are.

There’s a difference between DJs and producers. For me, Calvin Harris is on top of everything.
He produces tracks that are radio smashes all around the globe, but also stand out in clubs and at festivals. That’s something hard to achieve.
When it comes to pure deejaying there’s a lot of people I really appreciate for their skills. I grew up with guys such as Roger Sanchez and Axwell (before the Swedish House Mafia period) but personally I think Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak are killing it right now.

5. Name three songs that you currently have on loop.

1) Ookay – Thief (Tommy Trash Remix)

2) Yves V, Sem Thomasson – On Top Of The World (feat. Ruby Prophet)

3) Galantis, Hook N Sling – Love On Me

6. What are your preshow rituals? 

Before a gig, I always try to take a shower to make me feel awake and relaxed. I also believe it’s very important to have a decent meal to have plenty of energy because playing a DJ set is really a form of top sports.

It’s very exhausting and you burn a lot of calories on the stage.

Before I go on stage, I love to have at least one drink and then, it’s show time.

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