5 Enticing Ladies Shisha Deals in Dubai

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Being a woman in the UAE comes with a ton of perks – the queues are shorter, the drink bills are smaller and entry to most clubs is free of charge.

You can walk into almost any bar in Dubai and you’ll find a ladies night deal. Let’s admit it; free stuff is a blessing, but it doesn’t stop at drinks. There are a ton of hide-away cafes looking for you to grace the space with your feminine presence.

That’s why the great Ladies Shisha Deals – from 50% off to free shisha. Here are five tantalizing deals that we can’t say no to:

1. Exit Cafe

Exit Café is located in the midst of a line of shisha cafes, and there are still many locals who don’t know that ladies can get free shisha here as it’s not actively promoted anywhere.

While packed with men, and in a not-so-fancy area, it’s a good spacious place to bring your laptop to chill or work.

The Deal: To get your free shisha, ladies must order a drink, but it’s a bargain as the drinks are only anywhere from AED 5-15.

When: Daily, 8am-2am

Where: Oud Metha [Map here]

We Love: Great place to watch popular sports, and we’ve been told they offer good Karak Chai.
We Don’t Love:
Finding parking can be a hassle in the weekends, so skip the car and take a taxi. Alternatively, walk 20 minutes from Oud Metha metro station. Limited complimentary shisha flavors.
Contact Details: 04-3344008

2. Lounge Wish

Lounge Wish is on Sheikh Zayed road offering modern Arabic cuisine and a variety of shisha. The elegant ambience is complete with white leather couches and soothing music, making it best for group gatherings – friends, family or even business meetings.

Moreover, the venue has an outdoor lounge to enjoy the last few weeks of Dubai’s cool breeze.

The Deal: Ladies get 50% off their shisha, making it a total of AED 20-25 per shisha.

Daily, 9pm-2am

Where: Barsha, Near Ibis Hotel [Map here]

We Love: 
The classy interiors and the tranquillity
We Don’t Love:
The staff is quite wary about ladies sharing shisha.
Contact Details: 04 3990882

3. Hookah Pani 

Not up to go to a full-on bar in the middle of the week but still looking for a place with shisha and drinks?

This rooftop shisha place has recently undergone renovation and now has an open lounge step up and a decent amount of space for dancing.

The Deal: Just grab a seat and get your favorite shisha along with 2 ‘special drinks’

When: Every Tuesday6pm-3am

Grand Excelsior Hotel, Mankhool [Map here]

We Love:
The venue is licensed and it’s open quite late
We Don’t Love: The music can get quite loud, so it can get hard to converse. Also, service can be slow.
Contact Details: 04 3599992



4. Cafe Bubble Concept

At Café Bubble Concept, you can have your shisha besides the shark tank or enjoy the weather and take a seat on their outdoor terrace. The venue is quite spacious and has two levels. The eclectic mix of purple and yellow furniture adds to the quirkiness of the café.

The Deal: Ladies get free shisha every Monday & Tuesday – no strings attached!

When: Every Monday and Tuesday, 12pm-12am

Where: Opposite Medcare Clinic, Jumeirah 3 [Map here]

We Love: Great place to watch sports, and the AED 8 Bubble Shots which come in flavors such as Saffron, Vanilla and Berry.
We Don’t Love: May not always know their current offers as they don’t update their social media frequently
Contact Details: 04-394-3666

5. San Sation

Considering its unexpected location, we consider San Sation to be quite a hidden gem. The venue boasts a great view of the community lake and reasonable priced Arabic-styled cuisine.

The Deal: Ladies get 50% off shisha

When: Every Monday7pm-12am

Where: Green Community, Motor City [Map here]

We Love: Great view and free parking. What more do you need?
We Don’t Love: 
The service can be a bit slow
Contact Details: 
04 4567371

Are there any other shisha deals for ladies that you know of in the city? Let us know in the comments below.