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Pokemon Go: Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Pokemon Go

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Well, it was a fad when it came out on the Gameboy, and now it’s an epidemic among millennial Smart Phone users. Pokemon Go is a free-to-play augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

It was released in beta in July 2016 and has got enough engaged users to cause a Brexit of their own.  This new Pokemon game allows players to search real-world locations for hidden Pokemon and capture them.

In fact, I believe it’s only getting started. This article is to help you get started if you’re an amateur/beginner trainer.

If you’re in the UAE, remember, you cannot find the game on the App Store. But follow the steps below to get it. Good luck, your Poke journey starts here:

1) The UAE App store doesn’t have Pokemon Go. Make a US App store ID and then download the game for free.

2) If you’re an Ash fan and you want a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, simply runaway from the 3 starter options a few times when you start. However, I recommend starting as one of the three basic types as the grow into stronger Pokemon.

3) Most of the mosques in the UAE are a Pokestop. Pokestops are where you can exclusively grab Pokeballs and Eggs until level 5 after which you get potions, revives and etc.

Pokemon Go
4) While trying to catch a Pokemon, make sure the that you throw a Pokeball right at the Pokemon and that you release it when the circular disc is green.


5) You won’t be training your Pokemons in this game like you did in its predecessors. Instead you need to give them Pokemon Candies to level them up.

rare candy
6) Never leave a wild Pokemon even if you’ve caught it before. Transfer your duplicates to gain Pokemon Candy.

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7) It’s impossible to cheat the incubators in the game as the steps aren’t based on a pedometer but on a GPS system which works on speed. So if you’re going too fast (like in a car or a bus) that means none of those steps are counted.

8) Once you hit level 5, you get to chose between Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor. Your choice won’t have any impact on the game play but if you visit a Gym with your team’s color or take over one of the opposing color, you can store your Pokemon there and become a Gym Defender.

pokemon go teams

9) Pokemon Go includes an option in the settings to initiate a Battery Saver mode. Once turned on, simply turn your phone upside down, and the screen will darken to display a faint Pokemon Go logo.

10) Pokemon Go would roughly consume about about 10MB/hr while using mobile data (3G/4G)

Are you ready to catch’em all?