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A student of B.A Media & Communication at the Manipal University, Dubai, Karishma Hingorani is a confident, caring and creative individual who has a flair for writing. Incredibly passionate, she's also interested in painting, photography, public speaking, modelling, acting, editing and more. Editor's note: Yes, 'and more.' So, what do you do?

DIY Desert Safari in Dubai

Winters in UAE are incomplete without the quintessential desert safari. Although it’s really convenient to book your safari through a travel agent, we believe there is nothing more exciting than disco…

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A mystery that keeps you at the edge of your seat, supported by millions of viewers across the world, Pretty Little Liars has become an addiction for thousands of women. It’s not just the story line; from the first [in 2010] to the current season, it’s those stunning outfits they’ve made their own. Played by […]