Don Her Chic Look: Hanna Marin Outfits From Pretty Little Liars


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A mystery that keeps you at the edge of your seat, supported by millions of viewers across the world, Pretty Little Liars has become an addiction for thousands of women. It’s not just the story line; from the first [in 2010] to the current season, it’s those stunning outfits they’ve made their own.

Played by Ashley Benson on the show, Hanna Marin is known for her fresh and elegant ensembles. She can throw on a garbage bag as a dress and a tin foil hat and make it look fabulous. Outspoken, gullible and caring, Hanna’s character shines through her fashion sense with bright colors, complimentary accessories and just the right amount of muted make-up.


We’ve seen her sporting frills, textures, printed pants, florescent dresses, and pastel shades [sometimes a combination of all] and make it work. While we patiently wait for the summer episodes, find a few tips and tricks to get Hanna Marin’s trendy look:

Fearlessly try combinations of these staples that Hanna sports; wear leather with a girlie dress, wear a long necklace and a ring to add zing to a plain tee, and don’t be afraid to buy ruffles. Step out of your comfort zone, experiment and make sure the outfit is always well-fitted [ever blazers].

1. Printed and textured blazers:


We usually pair our blazers with muted work outfits. Try a colored blazer over a chic dress or even a tank top and make it instantly dressy.

2. Rock the Ruffled look


See the ruffled tops that look effeminate as H? Get those or grab a pair of scissors, get creative and go at it on some of your worn-out tops to make fringes at the top or the bottom [it can’t hurt]. Pair those with some statement jewelry and you’re good to go.

3. BIG jewels & belts

Don’t be afraid to try a necklace with massive, sparkly rhinestones. It can make an otherwise dull outfit look incredibly classy. Wear shiny hoops or layered delicate necklaces. Try a belt with dresses and tops. Alternatively, get your own personal collection of large rings.


4. Color blocking and textured pants:


Hanna is great at color blocking, and not just with monotonous whites and blacks. Prints aren’t just for dresses, ladies. You can invest in a pair or really good-looking printed pants and when you’re bored, chop them off and have them folded at the bottom.

With perfectly done hair and a bold eye liner, Hanna stands as the most exceptionally stylish characters on the show.

Leather jackets, boots, frills – dig into your own closet and experiment with layers and you’ll always have a novel look with the same old pieces.

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