3 Foodie Reasons To Visit Mexico | Mouthwatering Mexican Food


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You can get lost in its jungles, only to amicably find yourself exploring the green bounty. You can fall in love with its cities- lit up and full of life. You can walk down the street pueblos and smell mud. Culture, history, nature, art and variety make this place irresistibly interesting.

Recommended and Bizarre Mexican Eats

  • Mole Poblano (a complex dish made of spices, dried peppers and chocolate)
  • If you call yourself brave, try the Huitlacoche (a corn fungus known as the Mexican truffle) and Fried Escamoles (ant larva). Sounds yum, eh?
  • Gorge on delicious meals prepared with fresh sea food in Mocambo, in the State of Veracruz.


The food in this country mirrors the colour & complexity of its streets.

Mely Martinez who owns her own food blog called mexicoinmykitchen, was born and raised in Mexico:

“It has a rich culinary history, amazing geography and a little bit of everything for everybody. I have lived in several regions of my country and each one has a unique culture, geography and history in its own way.”

Mexico, thank you for:


1. Nachos & Tortillas: Corn is an extremely essential part of the Mexican diet and is used in almost every dish. The tortilla chips that we often savor with a tangy tomato salsa or curd and herbs dip owes its origin to this beautiful place.

Following the influences of the Spanish culture, cheese and meat were added to the Mexican diet, which earlier mostly comprised of corn, beans and chili peppers.

The Europeans introduced pork and some varieties of fruits like pineapple and guava.

2. The beginning of the best thing in the world: CHOCOLATE


Once at a gathering, the Aztec ruler Moctezuma was seen sipping a beverage called xocóatl. What he did not know back then was that this drink would soon be cherished across the world.

Pre- Hispanic Mexico saw chocolate as one of the most valuable commodities.

Chocolate Money: Cacao was sometimes even used as currency by the Aztecs. Made through a process out of the beans of the tropical cacao tree, Theobroma, Mexicans were the first to give the world its most cherished dessert.


3. Sauces & Spices:


Mexican food essentially represents everything that is fresh, tangy and heavy on the spices. The umpteen kinds of sauces that are used in Mexico are called ‘mole’ (pronounced like molay).

We have Mexico to thank or hot chilli peppers, guacamole, and jalapeños.

Strange Food Tradition in Mexico:

For the Day of the Dead festival, foods such as tamales and mole are placed outside so the dead can eat the food through its essence.

When the living eats it afterwards, it is considered tasteless. A stuffed corn meal dumpling wrapped into a banana leaf or corn husk, called tamale is used on various events such as the Candlemas.

Street food

With different versions of quesadillas, enchiladas and empanadas, Mexican inspired street food is extensively served all across the world. With a great potential itinerary that includes good food and amazing sights, Mexico is one place that should definitely make it to your bucket list.

So, what is your favourite Mexican bite? Have you sampled any of this incredible food before?
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