6 UAE Traffic Fines You Need To Know About| Vol. II


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Some fines are known to us at birth (I exaggerate) and those are probably monitored by our instincts. There are others, though, that slip by unnoticed, only to smirk at us from the ticket on our car window.

We may plead innocent, say that we didn’t know any better and even though that may be the truth, the damage has been done.

So here’s a heads up on those tiny but troublesome situations that could get you fined. Another list of things can earn you some hefty UAE traffic fines:

1. Opening the left door of a Taxi:


Doesn’t scooching over to the taxi door that’s further away tend to be a pain? Maybe, that’s just me. Either way, you better slide over to the right ‘cause that will save you a fine of AED 100. To add to that, the cab driver can go ahead with the rest of his day with 3 black points.

You’ll do two people a favour by opening the RIGHT door [Get it?].

2. Exceeding passenger limit: 


If there are 5 people hailing a single cab, you’re dealing with another problem. You cannot exceed the passenger limit of 4. This applies to all kinds of vehicles.

So, if you and your squad decide to go for a night out and you pick up a few extra people along the way, not only will you be uncomfortable, you will be uncomfortable and fined.

AED 200 topped with 3 black points [That’s about 10 Starbucks tall coffees, guys].

Should’ve stayed home.

3. Obscene hand gestures 


While driving (or rather cruising down the road), you might encounter an irrational driver who feels the need to be just millimetres away from your car. Or, they may even nudge your precious automobile (oh, the nerve!).

Insults and trash talking commences and the middle finger, too, may make its appearance. Politely known (the irony) as “flicking the bird” or the “two finger salute,” obscene hand gestures can lead up to a month in prison.

Look at the bright side: you don’t get fined (I’m kidding, there is no bright side).

4. Driving without spectacles or contacts


Maybe that car was so close to yours because they simply couldn’t see that far.

Ridiculous as it sounds, there are individuals who are in need of prescription glasses, but choose to ignore it and drive anyway. They cause a whole lot of trouble and they probably are lost (because signboards probably look like blue smudges in the blue sky to them).

People may not notice it, but if an officer finds out, it’s a fine day for you!

AED 100 plus an immediate order for glasses. You could have gotten anti-glare with that money.

5. Failure to leave a safe distance 


We all know who’s getting this fine now, don’t we? Those tailgaters.

The most basic rule is to keep a safe distance with the car in front of you. Many people tend to forget that or ignore it altogether. Everything comes at a price and in this case it’s AED 400 and 4 black points.

You don’t want to be the guy/girl everyone on the road honks at!

Speaking of honking,

6. Unnecessary use of the horn 


This is a go-to for irritated drivers. What with people nudging you on the road and jaywalking, you think your honking would be justified, right? But that’s not quite the situation.

Prolonged honking tends to be a nuisance to pedestrians and fellow drivers and police officers. And if you annoy an officer, guess what? You obviously don’t get away with it!

You drive back home with an AED 100 fine in your pocket and 2 black points added to your car.

Save yourself the trouble of all these little fines and follow the rules. May the odds be in your favour.

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