5 Spectacular Travel Beaches For NYE 2016


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Beaches are the best places to make some of those special days in the calendar come alive. New Year’s Eve marks the start of a 12-month journey of highs and lows, learning and unlearning. Basically, it’s the beginning of yet another rollercoaster ride.

Before you start another amazing year, we bring you five festive beach parties NYE 2016, where you can bid adieu to 2015 in style:

1. Maldives


Imagine white powdery sand on your tired, calloused feet, and water in many shades of blue, some that you didn’t even know existed – yes, you’re in Maldives! The impressive array of luxury hotels in this exotic place epitomises the term ‘lavish’.

During the holidays, the peaceful beaches double up as lively party venues at night. The 1,102 islands that make up the place combine to form a scenic paradise perfect for a romantic trip or simply a getaway. What’s more? Maldives doesn’t require any pre-arrival visa formalities for a lot of nationalities.

What’s the big deal: If you can be a laidback beach-lover by day and crazy party animal by night, book a ticket to Maldives for NYE right away.

Get more information about spending NYE in Maldives here.

2. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia


Sydney isn’t only the first major city to welcome the New Year, it is also the city that welcomes it with the grandest display of fireworks. Sydney’s iconic Bondi beach hosts one of the most revelrous NYE parties in the world.

Live it up with colorful shots in a row, blaring music roaring and multi-hued party lights shining down on you. Want to know more about how Sydney celebrates NYE? Check this out.

What’s the big deal: What can possibly be more exciting than ushering the New Year before everyone else on the planet? Besides, Sydneysiders know how to party so let’s just trust them on this one.

3. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


For Rio, Copacabana beach is the ultimate NYE party destination. But there’s more to this celebration than just partying – About two million people all dressed up in white, yellow or red gather at the beach every year post-afternoon.

A musical line-up of great artists from Brazil and elsewhere is kept secret until evening. To liven up the most awaited occasion of the year, a 15-minute firework show takes place at night. Even though it rains incessantly, no one seems to care.

Get a few pointers on how to spend NYE at Copacabana here.

What’s the big deal: Get a taste of some Brazilian tradition and join two million people as they gather on the beach to welcome the new year by offering flowers to the local Pagan deity. The deep, spiritual atmosphere is something you won’t forget.

4. The Seychelles, Africa


The Seychelles archipelago is straight out of a dream. Among the cluster of 115 islands, the three main islands, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue have a variety of activities that one can indulge in.

Dive into the turquoise water, explore the dense green jungles and snorkel to your heart’s content. Worried that you won’t have the energy to party after? Wait till you experience the groovy atmosphere created by bands and local artists, transforming the quiet island into a huge street party.

What’s the big deal: Along with the new year, Seychelles gives you a chance to celebrate your love for nature. Looking for a private but equally energetic NYE? Head to Seychelles!

5. Dubai, UAE


Too late to go international? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Closer to home, Dubai remains a popular beach destination for tourists and residents.

Pack up your picnic basket and chill with family and friends at the Jumeirah Beach Residence or head towards Nasimi beach by Atlantis, The Palm. Chill by the beach with some cool shisha and good company as the urban landscape lights up beautifully with spectacular fireworks.

What’s the big deal: Seeing the tallest building in the world sparkle and shimmer in the middle of a breathtaking fireworks display.

Another great year is coming to an end. How do you feel? Happy? Nostalgic? Relieved? Tell us about your plans for NYE. How are you going to say goodbye to 2015?

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