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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is unquestionably drawing a lion’s share in terms of attention among the gaming fraternity. With the story set up not only years but decades into the future, the third installment in the franchise comes with phenomenal features-movement, multiplayers, zombies and the campaign.

As a large number of COD buyers prefer opting multiplayer, the Black Ops 3 offers high performance in co-operative campaign modes. In terms of weaponry, it’s extremely balanced too with combination guns. For those who believed that new cyber powers and enhanced movements have ‘ruined’ the COD franchise, they are in for surprise with Black Ops 3. The feature is quite impressive as it makes the game more interesting, with maps being designed to incorporate enhanced movement. These maps are very well constructed, ranging in medium-to-large size that enhances maneuvering.


Add to that, developer Treyarch have not compromised on adding zombies into this game. To our great relief, meanwhile, the enhanced movement is not implicated in zombies. The combination would have, certainly, destroyed the fun, ending up like exo zombies in advanced warfare that doesn’t work well at all. The map you get with the game is called shadows of evil, which is one of the biggest zombie maps made, but it still does not feel too big!


Combing creativity with COD, the Black Ops 3 boasts best campaign ever! A detailed, thought-after story line connected with enhanced movement makes it a show-stealer. All in all, Black Ops 3 is a great game with all the additional features bringing a unique experience to the game. As far as ratings would go, this game on a scale of 1-10 (1- being terrible and 10- being award winning game of the year), I would rate it at an 8.