10 Memorable Spots for Your Destination Wedding

destination wedding

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Declaring your love to another person while your friends and family have a ball – that’s what weddings are for. A trend that’s catching on even amongst the working class is that of a ‘destination wedding’.

It makes sense; all the adventure of a holiday and an elopement, with all the fun and love of having close ones about. But, where should you tie the knot and throw the party of your life? Tropical setting by the beach? Hilltop at sunset?

Here are the top 10 wedding destinations that we believe are quite fit for ‘I do’:

1. North California

What you can expect?

Fancy setting the altar against a backdrop of sunshine and nature’s bounty? The breezy American state is known for its extensive wineries, hotels with a historical touch, luscious greens and beautiful outdoor venues. Take a pick—from woody forests and prim golf courses to lagoons and canyons!

When? Springtime: March- May, Summers: June- August

2. Greece

What you can expect?

What can be more romantic than getting married in a place that narrates the story of two lovers! With beautiful historical views and an amazing Mediterranean climate, Greece has to be one of the best wedding escapades in the world!

With their beautiful vineyards and volcanic beaches, Crete and Santorini make for the ideal wedding getaway.

When? Spring and early summer: mid- April to mid- June, Autumn: September- mid- October.


3. Cambodia

What you can expect?

Looking for something out-of-the-box? Get married in Cambodia with mystic Angkor temples in the backdrop. Cambodia offers some of the most awe inspiring sights with a unique old-world charm. With extremely friendly locals, pretty beaches and delicious food on board, Cambodia is quickly becoming a preferred wedding destination.

When? Dry: November to March.

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4. Morocco

What you can expect?

Get married in Morocco if you want your wedding photos to be filled with every possible colour in the world! Exotic cuisine, eclectic colorful set ups, amazing textures and a deep sense of culture, make this desert-land a thrilling place to get married.

When? Spring: April and May.


5. Seychelles

What you can expect?

Hilltops overlooking the ocean with beautiful resorts alongside beaches; picture a beautiful bride gliding towards the altar, only this time the altar is a pristine white sand beach! Yes, that’s Seychelles for you!

There’s no sunnier place to mark the beginning of a new journey than Seychelles!

When? Warm & Mild weather: April to May

6. Bali

What you can expect?

Bali offers the most picturesque scenes for the ultimate romantic wedding. They say that the world’s bluest skies are in Bali!

With rich landscapes and an even richer culture, Bali not just makes the perfect spot for your getaway wedding but also allows an equally energetic party by the night.

When? There’s never a bad time to go there! Summers are the best though i.e. April to October.


7. Jaipur

What to expect?

One of the most famous wedding destinations in India, and also Bollywood’s favourite, the pink city of Jaipur sets the stage for the perfect big fat Indian wedding. The place that is lucky to have enormous palaces rich in culture and history is also known for its delicious cuisine and amazing hospitality.

Want to know how royal couples feel on their big day? Get married here!

When? Early winter: Early November to February.

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8. Goa

What to expect?

India’s favourite party destination is also one of the world’s favourite wedding destinations! Every year, scores of young couples dream about getting married in the background of one of the many amazing beaches that Goa has to offer.

With a strange confluence of colorful party scenes and peaceful beachy vibes, Goa makes for a wholesome wedding with a lot of adventurous options to explore as well.

When? October to January.


9. Croatia

What to expect?

This offbeat Eastern European country is the all-new wedding destination known for its long coastline and the many castles that beautify its landscape The seaside terraces of various hotels give a breathtaking view with deep blue waters in front of you as you make your wedding vows.

When? Shoulder season: May and June, September and October.

10. Oman

What to expect?

Oman is a fairly recent addition to the list of wedding destinations but has proved to be worthy of the same. The place is known for its loving hospitality and mouthwatering Arabic cuisine. With its quintessential Middle Eastern aura, relative proximity to the UAE, and affordability, Oman is quickly evolving as a sought-after wedding location.

When? October- April is a pleasant time.

What did you think of the list above? Would you plan a destination wedding to these places? Tell is in the comments below.

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