This, That & Other Nonsense: Social Media Dilemmas | PG Bhaskar

This, That & Other Nonsense: Social Media Dilemmas | PG Bhaskar
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By the time Mark Zuckerberg was born, I was already out of my teens. So obviously, by the time I dipped a tentative toe into the world of facebook, I was already well into middle age. I found it a very interesting place to be part of but at the end of the first year, I had several questions. Many of them still remain. I thought I would share some of them with you. Perhaps you can help.

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  1. If one’s friend of many years posts a picture of his wife on her birthday and goes to the nauseating extent of writing a poem dedicated to her, what should be one’s response? Worse, what if one gets tagged on that post?
  2. If one’s aunt poses with her husband (and a heart shaped chocolate cake) and writes ’25 years of pure romance with my dearest Babloo’ how does one handle it, after the initial, horrified squawk?
  3. Is one obliged to accept a friend request from one’s
    a) spouse
    b) boss
    c) grandfather and
    d) friend of a friend.
  4. If one is an author and someone criticizes your book on FB, should one pretend to be unmoved and accepting of the criticism, delete the comment and move on or just angrily unfriend the fiend.
  5. If a lady you don’t know too well posts a supposedly ‘hot’ picture of herself, does one-
    a)  Ignore it
    b) ‘Like’ it, as a matter of courtesy.
    c)  Make some discrete comment such as ‘Looking good!’
    d) Go ‘Owwooooo!’