Dismantling Popularity: What Makes Social Media Celebrities?

Social media celebrities

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While people are still recovering from the freak killing of a Pakistani actress, who was a sensation over the internet, we decided to set out on a journey of discovery: who and what exactly crosses the line from becoming a topic to a blazing online sensation?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, the Dress and the more recent ‘Damn, Daniel’ were all viral phenomena that took off on social media within hours of their conception. These were global trends that spread like wildfire and sizzled out, but we’re talking about lasting followers.

A study by the Scientific American shows that “Emotionality is key” – if something evokes strong emotion in people [especially positive], they are more likely to share it.

How about the everyday social media blogger? What makes them famous? At a time when everyone has a blog, what makes someone ‘popular’?

Here’s what people in Dubai have to say about how to become popular on social media:

Funny takes the cake

Most people on social media are seeking funny accounts. I’m one of them! Accounts that have a funny and sarcastic take on everything
, shared Mohamed Emad, a 22-year-old Egyptian.

Giving examples of accounts like 101 Great Goals, Funny Tweets, Troll Football were among the few accounts that pandered to tweeters like himself.

Pro-social is the way forward

I honestly, don’t think all that becomes a viral trend is worth it. People with a heart for reaching out to others, are the ones that deserve to be popular,

says Cecilia, a Filipino. Agreeing with her friend, Myla toned in,

“Being there for people, is as easy as reaching out to helping a person in the subway to carry grocery bags.” This brings timeless figures like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi to mind. Popularity is certainly ephemeral but on a philosophical note, is can be timeless too.

Talent matters

“You need to have crazy talent and be bold enough to strike a chord with people, other than yourself”, laughs Ruqash, from Pakistan. Would layering a hundred layers of nail paint, foundation and mascara qualify as talent? Well, that’s a discussion for another day.

Become an attention seeker

Ruby, a 20-year-old Filipino felt differently,

You need to be an attention seeker, with a dramatic personality. Your nonsensical rants should be entertaining enough to get you followers. Being weird is the key. Be whacko.

Don’t get too obsessed with popularity

“Fame and followers come hand in hand then. The key is putting your best into whatever it is you love doing,” says Alicia Monica Goveas, 23, an Indian Professional makeup artist.

If you spotted Zayn Malik in Dubai recently, you probably got pranked by Alicia. This prank by the talented artist made it to the headlines of dailies in the UAE.

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