What Do People in Other Countries Think of Dubaians?


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Ever wondered what the sheltered sparkle of Dubai looks like from the outside? Residents know that Dubai is more than just Sheikh Zayed Road and high-rise buildings. Its charm is in crowded shawarma cafeterias, football players every Friday on any patch of sand or grass, people from around the world sitting side by side at restaurants and the sense of community that comes with different areas: Bur Dubai, Deira, Karama, Barsha and beyond.

It’s human to make generalizations about entire groups. So, what do people around the world think the high DUBAI life is?

We roamed the streets of Delhi and conducted a poll on reddit to see what people in other countries think of Dubaians – US, Europe & others. Some will make you smile and others might make you snort.

Here they are:

Ashwin Sharma, Delhi, 17

“[Delhi and Dubai] are both metropolitan cities and have the same mentality. I think one difference between the two is the fact that Dubai is international with people from different nationalities and religions living together.”


It seems like the kind of place that would be very flashy, but ultimately rather shallow and soulless. I bet the beaches are nice, though!”

Jaspindar Singh Chahel, Delhi, ANG

“It’s supposed to be neat and clean with law and order in place. I really want to visit it soon. I am going to London to visit someone so I might go via Dubai.”

Devika Bhatia, Delhi, 18

“I’ve never been to Dubai but in my perspective people living in Dubai, especially the Indians, tend to bring the culture alive… and celebrate it with more excitement and on a much larger scale than we do here. I think they’re fun-loving people and seem more polished as compared to the people here because of the environment.”


Hot, sandy, full of wealthy people. Moreover, there’s no alcohol or bikinis allowed on the beach.”

Ajay Sharma, Delhi, (ANG – age not given)

“Mostly NRI’s I am assuming. I’ve never been there so I don’t know a lot. It seems very fast-paced and everyone has very busy lives over there.”


“Hot weather so you can’t go outside, but you can enjoy the nightlife.”

Gautham Mathur, Delhi, 18

“A lot of people in Delhi know people in Dubai, so I guess there are a lot of Indians there. People who have never visited Dubai think it’s all about Sheikhs and Lamborghinis covered in gold!”


“In a nutshell, Dubai has a little something for just about everyone. If you like nightlife, there are a whole range of clubs and bars available. Cars are generally cheaper than elsewhere. Your work and pay depends on who you work for. Most MNCs pay on par with what you would be paid in major cities. However, pay can vary depending on the size and complexity of the firm. Unfortunately, different pay scales exist for different nationalities, and are acknowledged and sometimes abused by certain firms. There is no income or corporation tax. However, this is generally made up the by government with different forms of indirect taxation, this includes road tolls, various fees and levies for different government services. A general aim is to run all government departments like a profit making business. Through Dubai Airport (and Emirates Airlines) and the recently completed Al Maktoum International Airport, you can connect directly to over 200 cities across the globe. This is very convenient if you need to travel. Overall, Dubai has its nuances, but is generally a great place to live and work.”

A common misconception about the UAE is that it’s a transient place, but recent reports show that expats are now settling in for the long haul. We came across a couple that have lived in Dubai for the past thirty years or so and confessed that the country has changed dramatically in terms of culture and people.

No matter where they go in the world, Dubai will always be home – for them and their kids.

Do you agree with these opinions? Write to us in the comments below and tell us what you think.

Now, if you will excuse us, we’re off to find a gold plated Lamborghini!

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