8 Ridiculous Things Overheard at a Nightclub in Dubai


Bhoomika Ghaghada Society ,,,

Everyone loves a good night out – the thumping music, the electric atmosphere, throngs of people.

We asked the owner over at retro favourite, Societe Dubai, to give us some of the weirdest and silliest comments people have ever made at the club.

Gary Holliday, the owner at Societe Dubai provided us with a list of eight unwittingly silliest things that he’s heard in a nightclub:

1. “Where are my Shoes?”

The sheer number of women who come to Societe and leave without their heels is crazy. Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t be able to do the moonwalk in 6 inch stiletto’s, but we would definitely remember where we put them down.

2. “I have lost my friend, can you find him/her for me?”

If you are old enough to come out to a nightclub, you should be old enough to remember where you left your pal before you went to the toilet – you can’t expect the staff to start a manhunt for your best friend.

3. “Did my friend just leave?”

Really? A few hundred people pass through the club door every night, how are we supposed to know which one of them is your friend?

4. “I lost my phone, could you turn the lights up so I can find it?”

We understand the panic of losing your phone, but we cannot just turn all the lights up in the club and stop the night because you left your phone in the toilet in your rush to get out and dance to ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls.

5. “Could you turn the music down a bit, I can’t hear my friend speak”

Seriously, we get this one a lot.

6. “I was here in January 2015 and left my birthday balloons on a table, would you by any chance still have them?

It’s May 2016…

7. “Is this the toilet?”

No it’s the front door. You walked in through here ten minutes ago

8. “On the rocks, no ice”

Everything in this sentence is just wrong…

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