Win Invites to UAE’s Only Millennial Hub: The District

The District

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The District is the place to be this summer if you want to socialize, play, create, explore, find inspiration, make connections [or disconnect]. Designed as a micro-city, the place is comprised of five zones called The Street, The Block, The Alley, The Park and The Yard, each with its own theme and cool stuff lined up for you.


Here’s what’s going down at each of the zones:

The Alley

The Alley is dedicated to all things tech where The District citizens can unleash their inner geeks. You can also indulge in other topics and activities like robotics, video games, innovation, science, skype-cons, murals, hardware labs, demo sessions and model kits.

The Street

With a multi-purpose theatre, this is where The District community comes together for offerings such as Prof X talks, life-hacking, improv and comedy, screenings, cross-fit live, drum circles, jam sessions and showcasing of local talents including bands, DJs and voice talents.

The Block

This is the hub of creativity where you can expect apparel and photography workshops, tech sessions, art colony, master classes, video and film making, industrial design, graphic & 3D designs and instrument intros.

The Yard


The Yard is where sustenance meets sustainability. After a few hours of discovering The District, the Yard provides a venue to refuel with a variety of food on offer from the UAE’s finest of local entrepreneurs who keep an eye on sustainable practices.

The Park

Down at The Park, things slow down just that little bit, but there is still plenty to do. You can expect this area to be filled with books and magazines, table top gaming, music on demand, lounges, beanbags and of course, charging stations.

When: August 18- September 17

Where: Du Forum, Yas Island

How Much: [Early bird prices]

Weekday Pass: 75 AED

Weekend Pass: 130 AED

Season Pass: 750 AED

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