It’s True: We Instagram & Snapchat More Than the World

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A study of 70,000 consumers worldwide, by research consultancy Kantar TNS, reveals that UAE & KSA users are at the forefront of increased use of Instagram and Snapchat, with a massive surge in the last two years.

People seek out real, personal and ‘in-the-moment’ content to engage with – from friends, influencers and even brands.

Stephen Hillebrand, CEO Kantar Insights MENAP, said

Gulf markets continue to lead the way on social media usage. Globally, the use of Snapchat has almost doubled in the last two years from 12 percent to 23 percent. However, in KSA and UAE the app has witnessed a massively higher growth in usage.


In both of these markets, it has tripled in users, with KSA increasing from 24 percent in 2014 to 74 percent in 2016, while UAE grew from 15 percent in 2014 to 53 percent in 2016.

Similarly, Instagram’s global average usage hovers around 42 percent in 2016, (rising from 24 percent two years ago.) In the UAE, the figures show a staggering 60 percent this year compared to 38 percent in 2014.  In KSA, it increased from 57 percent to 82 percent in the last two years.

We are also more open to online advertising! HURRAH! 

Around the world, consumers are turning their back on brands with 26 percent of respondents ‘actively ignore’ social posts or content.

However, internet users in the UAE and Saudi Arabia buck this trend with only 17 percent (UAE) and 15 percent (KSA) ignoring brands.

We are also seeing a far more open and tolerant attitude towards online brand promotions in key gulf markets

said Hillebrand.

Commenting on the opportunity for marketeers, Michael Nicholas, Global Director at Kantar TNS, said:

The rise of Instagram and Snapchat taps into people’s desire for instant, entertaining content from friends, peers and influencers, often enhanced by fun filters and editing. There is a real opportunity for brands to tap into this trend by creating “personalisable” and shareable content, such as videos and stories. The challenge is how to focus the right content to the right people, on the right platforms and at the right moments.

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