16 Hilarious Arab Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Arab Instagram Accounts

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Arabs: We are young, connected and enjoy a good sense of humour. From wry to downright slapstick, we tracked famous Instagram bloggers in UAE to get you a few laughs.

When you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, these relatable and creative Arab Instagram accounts will make your day.

Follow them for a kick:

1. @Humaidalbuqaish

تلفوني????…. my phone???? • #شكرا_فزاع?

A video posted by @humaidalbuqaish on

We live in the desert, and indeed, we own wild animals. That’s the stereotype Humaid Al Buqaish works hard to enforce.

2. @Kataba_um.rashed

#خطابة #زواج #عرس #خطابة_الامارات #طلب #رقم #٢٤٨

A photo posted by @kataba_um.rashed on

Looking for a life partner in UAE? Here’s the perfect place to post your details and characteristics you’re looking for in a partner. We wish you a happily ever after!

3. @Bin_Baz

Abdullaziz Bin Baz is an Emirati Viner who portrays daily experiences in a hilarious manner.

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4. @arabproblems

Arab Standard Time #arabproblems Credit: @lifeproblems1

A photo posted by Arab Problems (@arabproblems) on

If you’re an Arab, you will most likely relate to every post this page has!

5. @edhakmnalbak

??? #edhakmnalbak

A video posted by lebanese100% (@edhakmnalbak) on

Edhak Mn Albak posts some of the funniest Lebanese jokes out there.

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6. @q8_n_s

ههههههههه ? مصارعه حرة صارت by : @fa1ah @fa1ah

A video posted by مهندس شمري Ⓜ️ (@q8_n_s) on

Shamry collects the funniest Arab-related videos and posts them all on his account.

7. @before_and_after_Q8

لمياء طارق صايرة نسخة احلام???

A video posted by @before_and_after_q8 on

One of the most controversial, yet hilarious accounts is Before and After Q8. It makes fun of Arab celebrities and posts Arabic jokes.

8. @alghafrii

Al Ghafri is a Qatari Instagram user who’s been lately using the new Snapchat filters to present some of the funniest clips.

9. @arabiizzle

“Gotta be honest, nothing can top mums food tho.”??

A photo posted by ♯WallahⅈℝelateՁYouFAM.? (@arabiizzle) on

Arabiizzle is another very relatable and hilarious account.

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10. @lowisahi

Every now and then, Lowi makes sharp contrasts between the Arab and Western cultures.

11. @expirednfabulous

When your dad suspiciously investigates EVERYTHING! @arabvines

A video posted by Faiza Rammuny (@expirednfabulous) on

Faiza and her mom (who is also Faiza), always fight about the silliest problems. Through her short videos, she shows the typical Arab mother-daughter relationship.

12. @dr_natour

Published on @arabvines ? #دوارة_يا_دنيا ? #كل_كلب_بيجيه_يومه ? .. إلى كل من آذاه شخص وتسلّط عليه عالجنالكم اياه ع طريقتنا :P?? منشن لحدا مقروص ههههههههه و خليه يفش غله فكرة : احمد ناطور? مونتاج وإخراج : Momen Jallad تمثيل : @fadelkhreem ، أحمد ناطور منشن .. شير .. وتنسوس تلحقوني عالسناب شات لمزيد من الكواليس والحلقات 😀 . . . .. Snap dr_natour . . #عرب #ضحك #السن_بالسن #تحشيش #arabvines #funny #comedy #jokes #instagood #instavideo #exams #cheating #moment #actor #acting #fun #arabvines24 #viner #vines #sketch #نابلس #nablus #ramallah #bethlehem #tulkarm #palestinian

A video posted by A. Natour M.D.??? (@dr_natour) on

Dr. Natour is not your typical doctor as he thinks of the weirdest Arab problems and posts hilarious videos about them.

13. @pageraed

اعلان بلمسة عراقية ???

A video posted by Raed Jawaheri Official Page (@pageraed) on

Raed and his friends make short clips on the most typical Arab scenarios.

14. @groupwanasah_

☺️☺️? احد يسلفنييي

A photo posted by وليد السبيعي (@groupwanasah_) on

Waleed is unique! He posts original text posts that poke fun at the most hilarious Khaleeji instances. He is also a very active social media user. So far he posted 11,000+ posts.

15. @XMustafa

??ايام الطيبين ?? منشنوهم

A video posted by Mustafa Abumoghli?‍? (@xmustafa) on

Mustafa makes fun of Arab teens through his Insta-videos.

16. @egyfunnysociety

#ahwalahy تاج اللي بتعمل او بيعمل كده

A photo posted by The Funny Society (@egyfunnysociety) on

Egy-Funny-Society is like a sarcastic newspaper. It brings in all the new events that take place in Egypt and makes fun of them in both videos and memes.

Edits: Sherouk Zakaria

Tell us about your favourite Arab Instagram accounts in the comments below.

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