A Letter To Atif Aslam

A Letter To Atif Aslam

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It’s often difficult to find something as pure as the admiration one can have for their idol. In this case, we’re happy to be the channel that takes a letter of gratitude to Pakistani music prodigy, Atif Aslam, from one of his most admiring fans (and also one of our writers, Namrah).

An expression of the gratitude I feel for you, Atif. Here goes:

Atif Aslam, someone whose mere name possesses the power to envelope my innards, cap-a-pie,with butterflies and bliss, in all forms of its meaning. His voice has a distinct warmth to it. The kind of voice that can work its way around your heart making you to close your eyes and sway to the music.

More often than not, singers are incapable of varying their vocal cords in an attempt to produce different genres of songs. However, Atif has been bestowed with vocals that are the epitome of perfection. He can merge two different genres into one song – segueing flawlessly from one genre into another. Be it a song that causes one to reminisce childhood,or one that delineates his exceedingly difficult trek to his career; every ilk of his song can flute a smile across my face, at any given time. I could be forlornly seated, plunged into despair because of an unfortunate event that may have transpired. Simply hearing a snippet of his song would make me jump in joy, as would a little child upon getting what he most covets.

A Letter To Atif Aslam
Namrah at a Atif Aslam concert in Dubai

Contrary to popular belief, Atif Aslam CAN In fact set the stage on fire whilst performing live. He’s an adept at grasping the crowds undivided attention with his charisma,regardless of where that stage is set or how arid the crowd may initially seem. I could be encumbered with the most heaviest of responsibilities but simply hearing about his upcoming concert can diminish every ounce of apprehensiveness just because of how enthralling the mention of his name can be. Seeing him perform live makes my heart pound, so loud that sometimes I’m convinced it could pierce right out of my chest. And no, I don’t love him in the I-want-to-marry-him kind of way, neither am I Infatuated. I love him because he has a beautiful voice that radiates sheer tranquility upon being heard. I love him for the individual he has become, the swift progress he has made throughout. Most importantly I love him because he is the only artist who has an exceptionally down-to-earth personality. I am indubitably not one of those fans who are saddened upon hearing of their favorite singers marriage, or those that are infuriated when they discover who the new girlfriend is. I call my self his number one fan because I love him, regardless of who he spends the rest of his life with.

Here’s to hoping you read this someday and get back to me. Atif Aslam, I’m truly grateful that your music has disseminated so beautifully globally. I’m always going to love your music ; it does not have anything to do with your personal life whatsoever. Even when you’ve retired, I’m still going to love you and your music just as passionately. When you’re old and exhausted, I’m going to make sure your music still lives. I look forward to meeting you for a little longer than 10 minutes someday – perhaps to platonically converse about your daily shenanigans merely for half an hour -and there’s nothing more I ask of you.

When and if I ever get such an opportunity, I’ll ensure I tell you how much your work is adored,alongside mentioning the most intricate details that even you may not have noticed. An artist needs an inspiration to paint; my inspiration commences with you and it ends with you – hence this expression of love. For you I could write an entire book ; that’s how much you’ve inspired me. So here’s hoping you love this little sculpture I painted with the most profound of words because your work deserves no less.

With loads of love, Your number one fan, Namrah.