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Paradoxical in almost every aspect, Gufran exemplifies a rare combination of the wisdom that comes with time and self-reflection, and the tumultuous passion that's characteristic of a young woman having a love affair with the written word. With a sharp wit, remarkable taste in music and a really good sense of humor, she's fearless; not once has she flinched from laughing at herself. Weaving elegant metaphors to explain commonplace things, Alina is a writer with depth and raw [yet, polished - paradoxical, you see?] honesty. She cannot get dressed for an evening out without music playing in the room, fusses far too much with her hair [endearing as it may be] and has a love-hate relationship with most cities around the world [In a few years, she'll move].

How to Pretend Being Interested

It’s because I’ve gotten so good at pretending, at playing to the gallery in a way that makes them feel like I’m not playing at all, is why I’m scared of getting drunk. Because, it all starts with one…

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Recent Release David August, a German-Italian music producer and Dj broke into the electronic music scene in August 2010 with his groundbreaking debut EP, Diynamic. Followed by his first album release in 2013, “Times,” characterized by its melancholic, down-tempo bassline meant for an attentive audience at home rather than the clubs, this is David August’s […]