Listen Up: Indie Indian Playlist With Artists You’ll Love


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India has come a long way since Bollywood music was the only thing gracing the television sets and youtube. There’s an extensive list of artists from across genres like jazz, nu disco, punk, reggae, techno, artists that do the rounds across major cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Calcutta and have their own loyal following.

Here’s a short list of a few favourites from homegrown artists:

1. Copulations – Peter Cat Recording Co.

An anomaly to form in Delhi, they’re equally at ease playing music somewhere between 1970s Bollywood and subcontinental disco. Consisting of four members who’re all involved in solo projects, their focus on organ and bass give rise to a musical narrative that remains entirely unique. Think gypsy jazz, ballroom waltz to midnight moonlight car chase music.

2. Aaina – BLOT Ft. Suryakant Sawhney

An acronym for the Basic Love Of Things comprises of duo Gaurav Malakar and Avinash Kumar, they blend sound and music and have established themselves as India’s first audio-visual collective. Regulars at Berlin, London and Lyon, this is a special single featuring the vocals of Suryakant Sawhney, also the vocalist for Peter Cat Recording Co.

3. Hilltop – Sky Rabbit

Six years old into the Independent/Alternative music scene in India, a formidable quarter coming out of Mumbai manage merging electronica with indie and post-punk styles. Heard this live for the first time at less known but much celebrated Magnetic Fields Festival, ’13 and fell in love instantly.

4. Dimension & Emotions – Ram Nair

Heard it first at an upscale club in Cochin, Kerala and was stunned by the simple progressive beat turning the bar into an electronic sound haven. With licks of disco and techno, this one hour set is absolute delight.

5. Wild City #085 – Big City Harmonics

Rohan Hastak, or Big City Harmonics’, sound is created using heavily layered atmospherics, chopped up funk beats, distorted vocals, trip hop grooves, deep baselines and can alternate between uptempo dance to bedroom listening. This particular mix is a special one for the lovers of contemporary sound.

6. Slybounce Ft. Nicholson

Live music backgrounds, dark studio production hours and a heavy dose of UK underground electronica, Sandunes is the full time electronica music project of Sanaya Ardeshir, Mumbai based producer, composer and synth player. Performing across India, Sri Lanka and Germany, this particular track features the vocals of the newest, brightest kid on the block, Sohrab Nicholson.

7. Wild City #051 – Ez Riser

One half of Bay Beat Collective, veterans of drum ’n’ bass, Sohail Arora is the founder of KRUNK, India’s foremost alternative booking agency and events crew, this a special mix for Wild City including heavy influences of glitch and hip-hop.

8. High (In The Shed) – Skrat

A three-piece alternative rock band from Chenna, formed in 2006, known best for their electrifying live performances and with two albums under their belt and live performances across India and Reading, England, this is a particularly juicy track.

9. Strange Shine – TripShot Crew Ft. Meira

An electronic outfit/DJ collective based out of Pune, India, started in late 2011, they find their influences based in electronic beats, bass lines and some live elements. An off shoot from the mainstream EDM culture, this is a particular favourite.

10. Make It Till Four – Begum

A dreamy, experimental band from New Delhi with a vintage 11th century sounds and various throwback references, check this special video and tune out.